EU Graduates

A Message From the President

I would like to reflect on the actions taken at EU Business School in the past weeks and offer you reassurance during these challenging times.

As a leading and responsible business school, we were ready. Since the beginning of March, we had taken the unprecedented decision to stop on-campus classes to allow our students to return home safely. Through the hard work of our community and with the support of our online campus, we successfully transitioned all our students to virtual classrooms.

We, as a global community will overcome this, and when we do, we will be there to welcome our students back onto campus. We will do so when we, a trusted institution, are sure that our campus provides a safe environment for all. Our main priority is, and will always be, to protect the health of our students, faculty, staff and stakeholders.

I would like to recognize the work of our management team, faculty and staff. Working together, their resilience, professionalism and dedication are helping us to move forward and overcome the daily challenges. This is making us stronger. For this, I would personally like to thank everyone.

I would also like to extend our gratitude to our remarkable students, who have shown themselves to be responsible and mature leaders in these challenging times. They have embraced the new learning dynamic, and we thank them for their contribution and participation. 

Finally, I also extend my thanks for the support I have received from you, our community. Your messages demonstrate that the values of EU reach beyond our campus borders: you form part of EU family. For this, I am proud and inspired.

I would like to conclude with a sense of optimism. We can and will overcome this together. My experience has taught me two things. The first is ‘This too shall pass’. The second is that societies learn valuable lessons from overcoming crises. I am looking forward to seeing what humanity can achieve when the worst is over.

As a grandfather, father, husband, colleague and friend, I send you all my very best wishes and, above all, ask you to stay safe!

Dr. Dirk Craen
President of EU Business School 


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