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Guest Speakers

Along with the foundational curriculum we offer, guest speaker sessions allow students to pull everything they learn into sharp focus. During these sessions, thought leaders from various sectors reflect on their successes and failures, as well as share industry insight and opinions on trends in their respective fields.


In connection with our Learning from Leaders initiative, we host conferences that bring accomplished business professionals, entrepreneurs and visionaries to the school’s campuses, giving our students the opportunity to learn from and interact with industry experts right on EU's doorstep.

To keep students up to date with the latest cutting-edge technologies, EU Business School hosted The Future Is Now, an exclusive AI and robotics summit. Industry leaders, alongside Pepper the humanoid robot developed by Softbank Robotics, shared their insights and knowledge of AI and robotics with students, preparing them for the effects these disruptive technologies will have on the way business is conducted in the future – near future! Read more about the event or view the full conference here.

EU Business School Guest Speakers

In the Spotlight

EU Business School Guest Speakers

In a more intimate and interactive setting, our In the Spotlight initiative invites speakers from across all industries who’ve successfully connected their passions with their professions. The sessions are unique in that students are encouraged to take on the role of interviewer and host a live discussion with guest speakers in front of attending students. Subjects discussed are hot and up to date like sustainable fashion, solutions against food waste, smart cities.

If you’re interested in being part of our sessions, either as a professional or to give insights and advice to students, or as a student taking on the role of an interviewer, then please contact Lenka Liptáková at or visit the Careers, Alumni & Corporate Relations Department on the 5th Floor of our Diagonal Building in Barcelona.

Masterclasses & Entrepreneurship Workshops

Our Masterclasses are guest speaker sessions but exclusively for our MBA/Master’s students. They are obligatory but students can choose which session to attend. The sessions take on different formats, with some speakers presenting a case study while others opting to go over a business idea or concept. The Masterclasses can also be tailored specifically for our students and are longer sessions (60 – 90 minutes) which go deeper into a topic.

Our Entrepreneurship Workshops are varied to ensure topics are of interest to students studying at all levels across our wide-ranging disciplines. They are optional, for students to sign up for and are more interactive with a focus on entrepreneurship. They are conducted directly at company offices, e.g. “Entrepreneurship Workshop: ‘How to set up a business and build a successful team’ at WeWork.”

EU Business School Guest Speakers

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