Welcome to EU Geneva

EU Business School's Geneva campus is located along the charming Rhône river, close to the Pont du Mont-Blanc. It's perfectly placed; only five minutes from the financial center of Geneva and main shopping area. The campus is easily accessed by public transportation and places our students in the heart of one of Europe's major business hubs.

Our beautiful reception area has everything students and visitors could possibly need to feel welcome at EU, with its abundance of natural light and friendly atmosphere. As you can see, we have clearly signed COVID measures in place for your safety and comfort. We're proud to display some of our many awards in the trophy case, and hope you'll stop by to take a look!

Waiting is never fun, but we try to take the pain out of that experience with our comfortable waiting area. We've provided magazines with the very latest in business news, put out comfy chairs, and even improved the oxygen level by putting out live plants.

Named for the vibrant Kenyan capital city, Nairobi is a modern learning space that combines comfort with the latest learning technology. The abundance of natural light helps keeps students naturally energized and best prepared to continue their learning journey. This space is ideal for collaborative learning.

This study room has a warm, convivial atmosphere, perfect for collaborative projects or study groups. A range of seating options accommodates different study environment needs. Students have access to computing and printing services in case of IT emergencies, and the space is attractively decorated.

The London classroom features inspiring, streamlined décor and the latest teaching technology. As with all of our classrooms, comfort and function were considered equally to create an effective space for learning. To help keep our students safe, the desks have been clearly labeled and set up in a pattern that maximized learner engagement while mitigating the spread of COVID.


Our physical library collection focuses on texts that are both relevant and useful to our students. If you look carefully, you can spit a few copies of "Before I Was CEO," written by EU Business School faculty member and host of the exclusive Learning From Leaders conference series Peter Vanham.

With a large amount of natural light, aspirational photographs, and COVID safety-minded classroom setup, Mexico is the perfect learning space. This classroom boasts pleasant street views and, as with all of EU Business School's classrooms, uses the latest instructional delivery technology.

Need somewhere to sit with your friends? An air hockey match to clear your head during a study break? Or did your computer just go on the fritz? Our recreational area has everything students need to relax, gather, socialize, and satisfy their everyday needs. It's designed to be a flexible space, easily used for both academic and social activities.

The Singapore classroom is a sleek learning space on the ninth floor of our campus. All EU Business School courses offer small class sizes to maximize personal, individualized attention for each student. This is a reflection of our commitment to hands-on, practical learning methods that prepare our students for the true nature of business.

Our Geneva classroom is an effective learning space for any kind of instructional delivery. We want our classrooms to inspire our stduents, and it seems to be working--20% of our graduates across all campuses become entrepreneurs. Could the next big business idea come from this classroom? We like to think so.

Our campus is ideally located close to Geneva's financial district and luxury shopping area.

The campus is just a 5-minute walk from Geneva's main train station.