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A Brain-Straining Breakfast With Andrés Ortega

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A Brain-Straining Breakfast With Andrés Ortega
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On Friday, May 8, business leaders, EU alumni and EU staff gathered in Madrid for a revealing talk about ‘the need for change in a 2.0 world: major trends in people management in the 21st century’ by Andrés Ortega, EU Online MBA HR course lecturer.

Andrés Ortega

Ortega’s reputation in the 2.0 business environment and especially in the Human Resources field precedes him. As well as lecturing in the field, he has received a gold medal at the Human Resources Blogosfera Awards in 2013. He is a firm believer in a revolution where the digital world and culture change in tandem with each other.

During his speech, Ortega encouraged attendees to accept change. The context of our working environment is consistently changing, becoming more complex and uncertain. With this change happening at such a rapid rate (consider that Whatsapp was founded 2009 and recently news of the Burundi coup came to the world through Whatsapp), it is vital to roll with the punches in order to stay afloat.

Human Resources professionals will play a major role in this ongoing transformation trip. We must become the engine of change, igniting it within our organizations.

Following the talk, there was a very pleasant, informal chat between those who attended, with ideas being shared, jokes being cracked and a great breakfast. The mood was very informal and everybody got along very well, with some staying for an extra hour in wonderful company. All attendees are now in contact, proving the effectiveness of events like this as a way of social and professional networking.

Attendees gathering for a photo at Confortel Suites

In Ortega’s own words, “The aspiration was just to stimulate some thoughts between the great professionals that attended the event. There are no conclusions beyond the main idea of being active players of the change and that we will all keep in touch building this new reality through the infinite possibilities of social technology.” Their conversations are already alive in the HR network and the best advice is to get involved as soon as possible.

The backdrop for this intimate meeting was the hotel Confortel Suites, Madrid. Having 75% of its staff with a disability, the Hotel was honored with the Premio Popular (the People’s Award) from the prestigious ‘Tourism for Tomorrow Awards’ by the World Travel & Tourism Council. This award recognizes sustainability practices in the tourism industry, specifically with regard to improving opportunities for those who work within the tourism sector. Job prospects at Confortel for people with disabilities spread across the board, from floor supervision to senior management. Guests are also catered for as the hotel is designed with disabilities in mind and fully trained staff are always on hand to help.

Everybody left with new friends, useful contacts and an array of complex ideas to think about during the weekend. Thanks go to Andrés Ortega for his excellent speech, all those who attended for creating a great atmosphere and the wonderful staff at Confortel Suites for such a warm welcome.