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Alumni Movers: Dariel Stoynov from Lufthansa Technik

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Alumni Movers: Dariel Stoynov from Lufthansa Technik
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Dariel Stoynov was always destined for success. From EU to LSE, Hong Kong to The Hague, he’s already achieved so much. The gifted Bulgarian now works as a process specialist at Lufthansa Technik, one of the world’s leading providers of aircraft maintenance and repair services. We caught up with him to find out about his time at EU and his plans for the future.

A flying start

After completing a bachelor’s in international relations at EU Barcelona, Stoynov continued his studies at LSE. He then embarked on a three-month internship at the Bulgarian Embassy in The Hague, before his sense of adventure took over:

“Without any doubts, the internship gave me the opportunity to meet very interesting and highly-educated people. Nevertheless, I decided to move to Hong Kong as I was tempted to explore the dynamic world of business. I started working for a local consultancy firm. My colleagues were great professionals and taught me how to become an effective team player. My analytical and organizational skills improved tremendously.”

Acquired wisdom

These new skills complemented Stoynov’s knowledge and experience gained from his time at EU:

“During my undergraduate studies at EU, I met people from all over the world. I learned a lot about different cultures and traditions. It was a truly international experience – one that I will never forget. It helped me to prepare for what was about to come. I had the chance to find new friends and build strong connections. In other words, the networking opportunities at hand were amazing.”

Further studies

Stoynov’s time at EU gave him the ambition and drive to take his studies to the next level. He decided to study at the London School of Economics, which prepared him for success in his professional career.

“My professional career started right after my graduation from the LSE, where I completed a master’s degree in the field of political science and political economy. I would lie if I say that my studies at the LSE were not challenging. To be more precise, they were both challenging and intellectually stimulating. My previous educational background helped me a lot. I had already come across some of the concepts and I was relatively familiar with most of the theories. Let’s not forget that I was also used to the workload.”


Aside from becoming wise to the world of business, Stoynov learned some valuable life lessons:

“… I learned that I should always pursue my dreams. Whenever you want to achieve something in life, you must remain positive. For good or for bad, we don’t know what to expect from the future. Therefore, our overall attitude and determination play such a key role. The three years spent in Barcelona allowed me to broaden my horizons. I experienced living abroad and taking care of myself. With a great dose of certainty, I can say that this was the time when I actually grew-up. I became way more mature and responsible.”

A few words of advice

Stoynov is keen to share some of the things he’s learned from his experiences:

“Think twice and learn how to market yourself. The job market offers a number of opportunities for everyone. Yet, it’s better to avoid making spontaneous decisions. Don’t rush, as you will eventually have your chance to act. Try to be rational and consider all the alternatives. Very often there are a number of people seeking the same job. Don’t be scared. It’s just part of the game. What is important for you is to get the most preferable outcome. Set your goals, define the way to get there, and aim high.”

The sky’s the limit

So, after such an exciting start to his career, what does the future hold for Stoynov?

“… I don’t like to limit my options. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to pursue an academic career, but as of now this simply remains a possibility. For what I know, I am currently happy where I am and I enjoy what I do. Whenever the right offer comes, I hope that I will be there to spot it.”

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