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Asia Study Tour 2016 – What the Students Said!

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Asia Study Tour 2016 – What the Students Said!
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“It might have been because of the jetlag or the food, maybe there was something in the water, but the truth is, whatever it was, it was special. Something extraordinary had unveiled itself to us in Asia.

From ancient monuments and temples to spectacular skyscrapers and infrastructure, Seoul has a lot to offer, but what personally amazed me the most is how a country can rise from the ashes of a war and in a few decades reach unimaginably high levels of development. The spirit of the South Korean people is that of a humble and hardworking team, smart and organized; with a strong work ethic and family values. All these qualities were noticeable in the companies we visited, Hyundai, Amore Pacific and Kia. Each holds amazing stories of development and persistence, which displays the true values of the people.

Our next stop on the journey was the vibrant city of Shanghai. This metropolis, the biggest in the world, gave us some of our most memorable moments from the entire trip. In China we visited a few of the tallest buildings in the world and some lively markets, which help move the Chinese economy. Their overall infrastructure is simply spectacular. Locals always do everything to the best of their ability and as fast as possible, showing us that China is built upon determination and strong work values. This made us realize how China has risen as the great nation that it is today and why they are still growing strong, leading the world into new economic waters and territories.

Our last stop, Vietnam! Ha Long Bay, the bay of the descending dragon is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and it is as spectacular as it sounds. We went kayaking, hiked to the top of a mountain ending inside a Buddhist temple and later explored some intriguing rock formations within ancient caves. We concluded our day at the beach playing football and volleyball with a group of locals and topping it off, with a dive into the cool waters of the bay; it was a great day!

For this amazing opportunity, for gathering a remarkable group of students and for allowing me to be part of this knowledgeable experience, I will always be thankful to EU Business School and Professor Kim.”

 – Marvin Posas, BBA in Business Finance, Montreux

The students learned about the art of Taekwondo.

I can gladly say that the Asia Study Tour 2016 was very fruitful and I benefited greatly in knowledge and cultural exchange. As the participating students were from the Geneva, Montreux and Barcelona campuses, various programs (BBA, MBA and DBA), and were composed of nine different nationalities, we were able to exchange cultures internally as well.

During this trip we had the chance to immerse ourselves in Asian culture, understanding it in more depth. We were also able to experience the challenges and opportunities facing organizations in Asia. On a personal level, it added to my global awareness and enhanced my international perspective as a leader as well as exposed me to many global possibilities.

During our time in South Korea we had the chance to visit Samsung, Hyundai Steel, Kia Motors and Amore Pacific makeup factory, among others. A key outcome of these visits was to see how the Koreans use technology to improve product quality and reduce human labor expenses.

Throughout the trip we also went on many cultural visits. Among them were, the Taekwondo Center, Ha Long Bay tour, clay making, and a kimchi cooking lesson, where we got a deeper understanding into cultural practices.

Asia is an emerging market, important in manufacturing, business and trade. There are many things you can’t learn from theory and textbooks alone, you need to see and experience them for yourself!

– Shadi Fouad Khawandanah, DBA, Geneva

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