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Barcelona Lecturer Brings Work to School

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Barcelona Lecturer Brings Work to School
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A recent idea from faculty member Toni Duró gave students an insight into the working world during their summertime International Public Relations classes.

Toni Duro

EU Management and Marketing Communications lecturer Toni Duró

Duró, Management and Marketing Communications lecturer on the Barcelona campus, was inspired by the pragmatic teaching ideology promoted at EU. Thus, when he met a couple of entrepreneurs at a local InterNations event, he decided to incorporate their story into his smaller, more intense International Public Relations classes given during the summer course. As Duró commented: “I thought it would be a good opportunity to try to develop a different approach; more hands-on, focused on learning by doing.”

At the InterNations event, Duró met Nadia and Tatiana, two Russian entrepreneurs who, over the course of recent months, have founded and launched Iventique, a company specializing in event organization and planning. They promise impeccable service, absolute enjoyment and flawless attention to detail throughout the events they coordinate and arrange in Barcelona and Catalonia. In their words: “From the moment you contact us, we put the “comfort and relax” plan in action. We will make sure everything is in order, follow-up on all the details, and you will just enjoy every minute of the great experience that we will create for you.”

Nadia Eventique


Tatiana Eventique


Duró invited his third-year students to create, develop and polish international public relations plans for Inventique. During the first session, the two entrepreneurs came to campus to brief the eager class first-hand. Then, using the skills and knowledge they have learned over the course of their EU education, students followed the necessary steps in order to create such a plan. They analyzed the situation, completed a SWOT analysis, noted the strategic objectives and target audiences and then developed a strategic approach and looked at tactical development methods. In the last class of the course, the roles were reversed, and it was the students’ turn to take to the stage and present their findings to Inventique.

The mutually-beneficial initiative not only gave the two entrepreneurs and new business owners fresh ideas and an external perspective; it also gave students the opportunity to work with a real-world client and put their proficiency and expertise into practice. Thank you to Toni Duró for his ingenuity and dedication to his class.