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How to Build the Best Work Culture
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How to Build the Best Work Culture

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Every executive has their own opinion about a company’s culture and how to behave in front of employees.  Successful managers know how to deal with employees and find the correct balance between being permissive and strict. Negotiation, management and organizational skills are all key, especially if your team doesn’t share the same geographical location. Despite diverging points of view, the most successful companies are the ones who take care of their workers.

The EU Online MBA in Human Resources Management offers some real insight in this area. Let some of our experts share a bit of their knowledge with you.

5 ways to create a positive work environment online

Be communicative

Thanks to the advances in technology, there are many interactive tools and a good range of channels that allow you to give feedback to your team members online. You can also organize webinars to train your staff, which helps to create a team environment even if they are in different locations. This helps involve all of your members in a given project and aids to keeps them informed and motivated while letting them share their aspirations and thoughts with you.

Validate your employee’s opinion

Sharing different opinions is essential to allowing the company to grow. Employees are the specialists in their field so let them advise you. Don’t impose your criteria and rephrase instructions of “you should” for “let’s”.

Emphasize and be flexible

Try to put yourself in your employee’s shoes, sometimes there are unexpected situations and everyone needs to affront them and receive your support to do so. Guidelines are only made to offer general guidance, we need to remember that a company is formed by individuals “a student won’t have the same needs as a parent”.

Express humanity

Spending time together to meet your team in informal situations is also beneficial for your company and for them. Organize team happy hour and strengthen your relationship with your team members.

Say thank you

Recognize your worker’s contributions; they just need your approval to be satisfied with their job.