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How to Build Your Own Personal Brand

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When a company receives, an average of 250 applicants for a single job posting, it’s important to show how you stand out from the crowd. This is where personal branding comes in. It’s a great form of personal marketing to help reach your personal and career objectives.

Person branding

Here are some tips to start working on your own personal brand!

Find your niche

Your personal branding needs to be focused on your main field of interest. The smaller your target market, the easier it will be to stand out from the crowd. If your target market is too big, the competition will be a lot harder.

Define your audience

Be clear about your target audience and what you want to achieve with your personal branding campaign before you put the pen to paper. Look towards your network of contacts and those in the same field to help expand your network and find new job opportunities.

Stand out from the crowd

Point of difference is one of the key elements in building your personal brand. Everybody is unique and finding what makes you special is crucial for successful personal branding. To get started, ask yourself the following questions honestly: “What am I good at?”; “What are my strengths and weaknesses?”; and “What is my dream job?”

Build your brand

An online presence is crucial if you want your target audience to hear about you. Decide on one main channel (e.g. a personal blog or website) where you can talk about yourself on a regular basis and share it on social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Remember that your channel should look professional, so choose your design carefully, forget about!

Manage your online reputation

Keeping control of your image is vital. Be aware of what people are saying about you online and make sure that you are consistent with your communication on all channels.  You can even set up Google Alerts to send an update each time your name is mentioned on the internet.

If this post has convinced you to start working on your own personal branding, don’t hesitate to stop by our careers offices or find out more about what the EU Career Services Department can do for you here.