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Liam Quaresimin Explains His Experience at CWMUN in Abu Dhabi

Liam Quaresimin Explains His Experience at CWMUN in Abu Dhabi
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Each year students from around the world gather for Change the World Model United Nations (CWMUN) with the aim of leading positive international change and learning about the important work of the United Nations. This year, EU Barcelona student Liam Quaresimin took on the challenge and traveled to the United Arab Emirates, along with fellow EU students. Find out about his journey below.

EU Business School student Liam at change the world MUNThis November I had the chance to participate in Change the World Model United Nations, a simulation of the main bodies of the United Nations (UN) organized for high school and university students. I was assigned the U.S.A. delegation at the security council, the smallest and most “private” council of the UN. We were only 14 students in this delegation so I was very happy with it, the small group allowed for deep and intense debates at every moment. I admire my fellow students who had to coordinate with 70 other students, like in the general assembly.

Without a doubt, this experience allowed us to understand the structure and functions of the UN Security Council, providing us with the knowledge to really comprehend how the organization works and how the inexplicable dynamics, seen in newspapers, might occur.

EU business school students at CWMUNThe topics we covered were extremely interesting and complex. At the same time, they all related to current issues regarding the wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen. Researching these topics in-depth was vital in order for us to come up with a well-made resolution. It was fundamental to understanding the complexity that politicians and diplomats face while trying to reach peaceful agreements in such situations.

The decision of selecting current issues for our topics was very beneficial, but at the same time, trying to address all three wars in just two full days decreases the depth and quality we were able to provide in our debates. Such complex topics need full dedication and tranquility in order to be addressed in the most efficient way.

I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in politics or diplomacy.

“When you actually live the experience at CWMUN, you learn much more than when you just read or study about it in the classroom.”

I thank EU Business School and Associazione Diplomatici for this amazing learning opportunity, and NYU Abu Dhabi for the great facilities provided.

Liam Quaresimin
BA in International Relations