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City Spotlight: Top 10 things to do in Munich in the Evening

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City Spotlight: Top 10 things to do in Munich in the Evening
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One of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations, Munich’s beautiful infrastructure and attractions can be enjoyed at any time. Once the sun has set, however, a whole new series of exciting events become available which maintain the city’s vitality throughout the night.

Things to do in Munich

Here’s a list of the top 10 things to do in Munich in the evening:

1.  Capture the views of the illuminated Munich on top of the Olympic Tower. Located in the Olympia Park, the 291m tall tower welcomes its guests to excellent cuisine at restaurant181, 181m above the ground, all whilst rotating 360° every 53min. From here you are treated to a breathtaking view of the glowing, centuries old city.

2. Music lovers won’t be disappointed with the variety of venues which host musical talents. The range of music covers a variety of tastes: from Jazz at Jazzclub Unterfahrt to Italian canzoni at the Café am Beethovenplatz, you can catch all types of artists’ performances with friends and locals while enjoying the authentic atmosphere provided by the different pubs and clubs which showcase Munich’s musical side.

3. As the beer capital of the world, Munich is home to unique beer-gardens, beer-cellars and the legendary Oktoberfest. The “liquid-bread” has been brewing here for over 3000 years and, arguably, better than anyone else. Take the evening to travel into the heart of Munich’s beer culture. Enjoy feasting on Bavarian snacks and local drinks while discovering Munich’s history and culture.

4. Displaying international artworks are the variety of galleries which can be found in the city. The series of art galleries, from Alte Pinakothek (one of the oldest art galleries in the world which houses one of the most famous collections of Old Master paintings) to the Neue Pinakothek (which stands as one of the most important museums of art of the nineteenth century) cater for all tastes, and hours can be spent discovering each one . Travel through history by attending the evening events and the regular exhibitions.

5. The Kulturstrand brings the tropics into the mix by offering an open beach bar area which remains open long after it gets dark. Dip your toes in the sand, submerge yourself in the beach-style surroundings and find yourself relaxing on a sandbag and jamming to the live music.

6. Find yourself in the midst of nature with a comfortable campfire whilst watching surfers ride the endlessly flowing wave on the Eisbach River, or track the stars while you enjoy the steady sound of drums in the background.

7. Grab some friends and take a spot beside the Isar River. The Isar is the grill-spot to go to in Munich, and features an abundance of space for the numbers of people looking to barbeque some steaks and sausages whilst cooling drinks in the river.

8. Outside the Oktoberfest season, Munich regularly hosts festivals such as the Frühlingsfest (spring festival), known as the “little sister” of the Oktoberfest, which takes place between April and May. Take a stroll around the giant flee market, experience the vintage automobile exhibitions and watch the street performer competitions while enjoying the festive fireworks displays.

9. Home to the most successful football club in Germany, FC Bayern München matches regularly take place throughout the year in the Allianz Arena. Electrifying the city are the masses of fanatic fans loudly making their way to the stadium to show their loyalty and support for their team. Being in Munich gives you the chance to see their team play live and experience the energy of die Bayern!

10. The Bavarian State Opera, Ballet and Concert halls all unite the international language of music with the theatrical. Whether or not you speak the German language, as an Opera lover you’ll feel at home in Munich. Subsidized by the Free State of Bavaria, internationally renowned artists regularly perform, with students getting regular tickets for only €8 which includes the viewing of performances during the famous annual opera festival.