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December Guest Speakers in Munich
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December Guest Speakers in Munich

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As the winter break rapidly approaches, the EU Munich campus continues to attract more guest speakers from the largest companies in the surrounding area.

Christoph Bauer has been at the center of exciting developments in modern technologies with a plethora of jobs in social media, enterprise 2.0, and eLearning training and lecturing. Bauer is currently working in the HR department at Allianz Deutschland AG, one of Europe’s largest financial services companies, where his responsibilities include spearheading the future and digitization of the workplace.

His impressive repertoire of public speaking experience has been built while discussing related topics such as Generation Y, the Future of Work, Social Business and Corporate Culture. At EU, his talk was entitled “What’s Next After Social? Tales From Agency, Consulting and Corporate Life”.

With social media becoming increasingly complex, Social Media Managers can decide on different areas to specialize in depending on what they want in their professional life. Bauer used his own expertise to shed light on new avenues that students can follow.

If you do not try, you cannot succeed.

Christoph Bauer

Marko Prislin works in a similar field to Bauer, as a Managing Partner of Digital heads Preen and Prislin Unternehmensberatung GbR. With his background in graphic design, Prislin has always been forward looking and his e-business talk, titled “Welcome to the Web-Wide World” gave students an excellent look insight into what is really driving modern businesses – the Internet.

Prislin discussed his real-life application of e-business, for example how he helps traditional companies to go digital. The shift to digital business is now absolutely essential for anybody who wants to progress. The practicality, efficiency and space for innovation is something that companies before 2000 could never have imagined, and clearly, the more adept a business becomes in digital advancements, the more potential it has to streamline their processes.Marko Prislin

Furthermore, these new technologies mean that collaborating with people half the world away has become almost as easy as working in the same room. This has led to a shared economy, where ideas, money and resources can be collated, drawing the maximum potential out of a project.

Create memorable experience based on a strong belief.

Marko Prislin

Guest speakers such as these share their experience-based understanding of what goes on within the working business world, which gives EU students a great advantage in the working world and access to information that they otherwise couldn’t get. 2015 has seen an enormous array of speakers from every industry conceivable – we’re all looking forward to 2016, which promises to be jam-packed full of guests from the top companies in Europe.