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The EU Alumni Hub Honored by Graduway
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The EU Alumni Hub Honored by Graduway

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As anyone who has graduated from college knows, making real, meaningful connections in the professional world is complex. This is why networking events and like-minded business associations are so popular among busy professionals. More connections can mean more business.

A common background is a great way to introduce yourself and extend your network. This is why EU offers an alumni hub of more than 26,000 members, whose success is recognized by industry experts. In 2017, the hub was the exclusive recipient of the Graduway Award for Outstanding Professional School Network, a clear reflection of how EU is supporting students beyond their studies and helping to boost their careers.

With global reach and offering something for everyone, the EU Alumni Hub is an outstanding network. For alumni, the hub offers a platform to share professional achievements, establish connections, find human resources or create business ventures. Current students can also join and search for internships, jobs or even mentors, as the hub has a “Willing to…” option that allows people to display their desire to connect, mentor, help, advise or hire.

Read on to learn how and why the EU Alumni Hub stands out from the rest.

Real, willing people

One important thing that sets this platform apart from all others is the “Willing to…” option. When you connect with someone on the internet, you have no gauge of how busy they are or what interests they have. The platform has a unique option that allows people to express their desire to: help, mentor, offer career opportunities, revise CVs, provide industry-specific tips, recommend on LinkedIn, help with the interview process, introduce a candidate to an employer and contribute to entrepreneurial projects.

International connections

The term ‘connection’ is especially important. All the members of the hub are automatically affiliated to one another as they have all pursued their business degrees at EU. Coming from the same alma mater creates an automatic bond between people. Whether you are from different years or campuses, you will have material in common – maybe lecturers, ideals and of course, quality of education. As a business person, your skills are rooted in the fundamental values you learned in the classroom and you will recognize those values in other people that you meet on the hub.

Curated content

It’s easy to get overloaded with online content from a variety of sources through social media. Busy businesspeople don’t have time to sift through 1,000 articles to find relevant information. The articles on the EU Alumni Hub are specially curated to appeal specifically to business interests. The best part is that following discussions will come from an elevated point of view, as all the members have a business education and an international perspective.

Free job platform

Whether you want to post a job ad, look at an offer or search for profiles, all the job-related activity on the EU Alumni Hub is free of charge. Applicant profiles procured through the Hub are serious and you can be assured that applicants have a business education and background. Also, applicants gain direct access to company recruiters. Imro Ritfeld, EU alumnus and Senior Integration Solutions Architect, Supply Chain Technologies at Amazon, has made direct connection with some students already:

“I did get several questions from contacts on how to get/apply for a job within Amazon and tried to help everyone by submitting their résumés to the right HR person or helped them to look for certain jobs within Amazon. (Please continue to contact me – I’ll be happy to help out).”

It’s easy

Part of what holds people back from opening a new account or even applying for a job is filling out long online forms. The hub can sync directly with your LinkedIn profile and fill all your information in automatically. Simply link, make your adjustments, answer two more questions and start connecting!

So, take advantage of the EU Alumni Hub and join our hub to get 2018 off to a great start. Visit to join.

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