The Photography of EU International Summer School Student Max Bogdanov
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The Photography of EU International Summer School Student Max Bogdanov

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The Photography of EU International Summer School Student Max Bogdanov
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The enchanting city of Barcelona has long inspired artists of all kinds. From the narrow cobblestone lanes echoing the sounds of street performers, to graceful grandiose buildings and boulevards, the city cannot fail to astound, to awaken the senses. This July, EU International Summer School student Max Bogdanov, a talented young photographer from Ukraine, explored the unique beauty of Barcelona. In the collection of photographs below, which were taken using film photography, Bogdanov captures the timeless elegance of the city, while showcasing a flair for composition beyond his years.

There was no particular moment or reason in my life that encouraged me to become a photographer. When I was younger I used to live in a beautiful coastal city named Odessa, Ukraine. The atmosphere of that place probably served as motivation for me to start taking photos. That was a period when I discovered street photography for myself.

I could spend whole days lazing around the city, searching for a perfect shot and taking photos of everything I saw on my way. That direction of photography helped me to become more attentive to details and perceive everyday objects in an unusual way .

My favorite thing about photography is the possibility to transmit the atmosphere which often cannot be caught by the human eye in real life. That atmosphere comes out of tiny but important details.

Both street and fashion photographers can find inspiration for their work in Barcelona. During my time at EU International Summer in Barcelona I was convinced of this, from my personal experience. As for me, the most amazing thing about Barcelona as a photographic location or a touristic destination is its architectural and cultural diversity. A mixture of architectural styles makes a perfect creative environment for photographers.

The modernistic building MACBA, which is located in the middle of Raval, surrounded by the old architecture, is perfect evidence for Barcelona being a city that matches all tastes. Every detail in that city gives me the inspiration to create and I am sure I will be able to carry that inspiration through my whole life.

When I became more experienced and confident I realized that having a person as the main subject of my works could be even more challenging and interesting. That’s how the passion of taking photos in streets turned into fashion art photography. For me, the most important thing about that is creating a special image in which both model and environment are in harmony.

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