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Hitting the Road: EU Munich MBA Students Visit the BMW Factory

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Hitting the Road: EU Munich MBA Students Visit the BMW Factory
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As November pulled into town, EU Munich’s MBA students began the month in top gear and got the show on the road with a visit to BMW’s Munich factory.

Two groups of MBA students visited the original BMW manufacturing plant in Munich on the 3rd and 4th of November. This division of the MBA contingent ensured that students from both groups had the opportunity to ask any questions they might have throughout the insightful tour, and interact on a more intimate level with the tour guide.

BMW Munich 1

Behind the Scenes

The three hour tour guided students through the gigantic plant, and gave them a comprehensive and detailed insight into the complex and impeccably orchestrated manufacturing process.

For the car enthusiasts in the group, the journey through the nerve center of BMW production was a dream come true, comparable to the journey seen in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The students began their journey in the Press Shop, making their way from there to the Body Shop and the Engine Shop. From here students oversaw the production of interior equipment and seats, before the entire tour was brought together in an appropriate setting: the Assembly Room.


On Track: Speedy Facts

Quicker than a BMW M5, here are some fast facts about the BMW Munich factory:

  • Produces more than 950 cars a day
  • As well as 3,000 engines
  • Made by 7,700 employees
  • Coming from over 50 countries
  • 850 of whom are trainees.

An Incredible Scale

BMWStudents found it remarkable that the plant – which is so mind-bogglingly productive – is located in the North of Munich, not far at all from the EU Munich campus. It served to demonstrate the importance of Munich as a European city of business.

The lucid trip through the factory demonstrated how with efficient management and well-established protocols and working methods, disparate portions of a process can be greater than the sum of their parts when combined.

In many ways, the EU Industrial Visit program is the same. Students combine the stand-out best practice from a number of different leading companies and organizations to end up with a polished end product: a refined and polished business acumen.