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EU Students are Welcomed to Campus During Orientation Week

EU Students are Welcomed to Campus During Orientation Week
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It’s already that time again, a new academic year has begun! EU faculty and staff would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new and returning students. This week, students made their way to the EU campuses from all corners of the globe to attend Orientation Week and were very enthusiastic about starting their classes.


Students spent the week learning about the different services EU has to offer as well as getting accustomed to the campus and city through a fun open-air bus tour which introduced them to all of the main landmarks in Barcelona like the iconic Montjuïc park. Presentations were made by the admissions department, career services department and the academic department, while informative sessions were held to aid students in obtaining their resident permits and search for accommodation.

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A similar week was scheduled for the Munich campus, where students practiced team-building activities in addition to being introduced to the academic dean and the various EU departments who are at the students’ disposal.

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Geneva & Montreux

Switzerland students got to know one another through different group activities and bonding exercises. They were also given helpful information about moving into their new homes. After being acquainted with their surroundings, the Geneva students were off to the  bowling alley for a friendly game and pizza, while the students of Montreux took advantage of the sunny gardens surrounding the new EU campus.

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