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EU’s Online Programs – An Overview

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The way that the world learns is changing. EU’s Online Campus aims to empower students around the world to pursue a fantastic education according to their own schedules and requirements, using a best-in-class online platform.

This blog post serves as an overview to EU’s Online Programs.

Old Paradigms Are Changing

The number of people around the world with access to the internet is increasing at a staggering rate: around 40% of the world’s population now has access to the internet and the UN hopes that through various development initiatives, this figure could increase to 60% by 2020.

Mobile internet usage statistics are similarly staggering, with 52.7% of the world’s population currently enjoying access to internet-enabled mobile phones.


This increased access to the internet and the rapid proliferation of mobile devices is fueling demand for high-quality online education and online learners are now offered flexibility, convenience and global access to the best faculty around the world.

The transformative potential of online education has been recognized by a number of groups. In a report published in 2012, Technology, Broadband and Education: Advancing the Education for All Agenda” the UN describes online platforms as having:

… the potential to create highly versatile education and training environments that can provide equal access to learners regardless of gender, geographic location, socio-economic or ethnic background, illness or disability, or any other circumstance that would normally hinder the provision of high-quality education.” (p. 9)

EU’s online programs put the student in the driver’s seat, giving them control over how, when and where they study.

The World is Your Classroom

You might be reading this blog post on your computer, phone or tablet. To those that can access them, these digital technologies have swiftly and comprehensively ingrained themselves into every aspect of their lives and changed the way that they interact with the world.


These new technologies are offering exciting new possibilities. Of all those possibilities, chief among them is the potential to deliver world-class education on a global scale. EU Business School’s online programs have been expertly crafted by leaders in online education to take full advantage of available technologies and offer best-in-class online business programs at all levels of further study.

Online education is defined by a unique ability to reach across borders, cultures and backgrounds to empower students to learn according to their own individual requirements and schedules.

Choose Your Level of Study

In the interest of offering maximum flexibility to students, the Online Campus provides programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, in addition to Online Certificate Courses.

Online MBA

The EU Online MBA is a one-year full- or two-year part-time program.

Today’s world is growing in complexity and becoming more and more interconnected; as such, an MBA has never been more vital to a business career. The EU Online MBA is an essential tool to help participants excel in their futures. The program incorporates both a core business foundation, which enables graduates to perform and lead effectively in all areas of enterprise, and a specialization component within their chosen major, which allows them to hone their skills and develop a more specific area of expertise.

  • Full Time A one-year program divided into three 10-week terms that will open your mind to the latest business skills, tools and thinking.

This is the ideal pathway if you want to earn your MBA as quickly as possible. The first two terms cover the core courses that lay the foundations of business, while the third term offers a specialization in one of EU’s 12 graduate majors. Students then complete a dissertation.

  • Part TimePart-time study on campus: a flexible two-year program divided into six 10-week terms.

This program has the same curriculum as our full-time MBA program, but with just two to three courses per term, followed by a dissertation. This is an innovative program that invites you to use current business issues to enrich your learning and apply new skills and knowledge in order to enhance your career.

  • BlendedCombine the best of online and offline study to develop the business skills you need.

To offer maximum flexibility and allow participants to study in the way that works best for them, EU makes it possible for students to pursue blended study. This method gives students the chance to leverage the benefits of a full term of study in one of EU’s campus cities. Using this structure, students have the option to study one term on an EU campus of their choosing. The remaining terms are completed online.


Online Executive BBA

The Online Executive BBA is a one-year, two-semester intensive program designed for working professionals in middle or senior management positions with at least five years of work experience.

Mirroring EU’s onsite Executive BBA, the online counterpart offers students the opportunity for conferences, exams, industrial visits and tutorials as well as the chance to spend one week per semester at one of EU’s main campuses. Its objective is to equip professionals with theoretical and conceptual knowledge, strengthening their extensive work experience and preparing them for an MBA program.

Upon completion of the program, students of the Online Executive BBA earn a full and equal Executive Bachelor of Business Administration degree from EU.

Fast Track: Students who complete the Online Executive BBA program may enroll in any MBA program with a 20% scholarship. Students aiming for this option can therefore complete two degrees in two years.

Online Certificate Courses

For students without degrees, our Executive Certificate Courses offer a solid introduction to key issues in a specific area of contemporary business with one course from our Executive BBA offering.

To further their learning, undergraduate candidates earn an Executive Diploma upon completion of six or seven courses (depending on their selection). Finally, the completion of 16 courses is rewarded with an Executive BBA degree.


Discuss Your Options

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about EU’s Online Campus, our Admissions Team are available to answer any questions that you might have about programs, their contents, or the benefits of online study.

You can contact the Online Campus department by calling +34 93 201 81 71, or sending an e-mail to [email protected]