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EU Faculty: Gloria Queralt
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EU Faculty: Gloria Queralt

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EU Faculty: Gloria Queralt
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“Professional success depends on the passion you have for a project; being an entrepreneur, manager or employee is not what makes the difference.”

This is how Gloria Queralt, lecturer of Cases in Marketing and Marketing Management at EU Business School, sees the business world.

In 2007, and with many years of experience in her back pocket, Queralt began her own project,, an organization that aims to develop and promote local tourism in Barcelona.

Queralt always encourages students who want to create their own businesses, but also warns them about the research and ground work they need to do in order to succeed; “define your target, understand and develop the strategy for success.”

To do this, we must address four principal questions and be able to answer them:

  • How old is the target client of your brand or product?
  • Is your product designed exclusively for men, women or for both genders?
  • What is the socioeconomic status of your client?
  • Are the products offered affordable to your target?
  • Where is your client geographically located?

These marketing concepts are not only useful for students who want to become entrepreneurs, but also for those who want to grow within other areas of a company.

“How can someone who works in the finance department know what investment to make if advertising doesn’t know who the consumer is, and what their needs are? How can consumers buy your product if they do not know that it exists?”

Queralt assures that everything is interrelated and that communication between departments is integral to success.

Today, English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and as many studies have demonstrated, it is also the official language of business. Queralt agrees wholeheartedly:

“My international experience has shown me that if you want to do business, and especially on an international level, the more you understand the language of competitors, the more likely it is that you will achieve success.”