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Carlotta Chiesa: The Recruitment Business

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Carlotta Chiesa: The Recruitment Business
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On December 17, students were delighted to welcome back alumna Carlotta Chiesa, the Associate Consultant & Partner at Barna Consulting Group.

Carlotta Chiesa, who graduated with a BBA from EU Barcelona in 1999, spoke in detail about coaching and management skills, focusing in particular on interpersonal, decision-making, communication, leadership and time management skills.

After several years collaborating with museums, private clients, art galleries and auction houses in both Spain and Italy, Carlotta Chiesa decided to go back to the corporate world as an executive coach and trainer of management skills, joining Barna Consulting Group in 2011.

Barna Consulting Group is an established consultancy in the field of commercial management with more than 28 years’ experience. The company works with some of the most influential businesses in the country such as Volva, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, SAP, and Orange, as well as with medium-sized and smaller corporate clients.

“I deeply admire the will for change that I found in the people I have been working with and how they want to become the best version of themselves. That’s the main reason why I am in the business of people” she commented.

In 2011, Carlotta Chiesa published her first book “Protagonist or Spectator,” identifying the tools that help to transform a difficult situation into an opportunity for personal and professional development.