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Happiness at Work Executive Business Breakfast

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Happiness at Work Executive Business Breakfast
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As the Alumni Association grows in numbers, it is also expanding its executive events which allow alumni to network and to share ideas with like-minded business people. On Friday, January 22, the association organized a round-table breakfast discussion, tucked away in Hotel Neri in the historic and picturesque Gothic area of Barcelona.

Last year, EU Online MBA HR course lecturer Andres Ortega looked at the need for change in a 2.0 world; and this edition was similarly forward-looking, dealing with the relatively contemporary idea of happiness at work.

In such a volatile and complex working environment, people and their attitudes are what really makes the difference between success and failure. Companies with engaged and happy employees have a huge competitive advantage against their competitors and the market.

The event started with a discussion panel moderated by Jorge Carulla, Founder of ShakeUp and EU alumnus, who recently featured as our Alumnus of the Week and shared his knowledge with our Barcelona students alongside Santiago García. García, who featured on the discussion panel, is the Managing Director for Iberia of iOpener Institute for People and Performance and presented results of a research study iOpener showing how employees’ performance depends on the working environment.

David Tomas, CEO of Cyberclick (a company which was elected the best workplace in Spain in 2014), shared various techniques they use to measure their employees’ satisfaction. He stressed on various occasions the importance of personal values and a good selection process. His innovative ideas impressed the audience and created an interesting debate about the differences in which modern and traditional companies see the role of their employees in their organization. Joaquín Viñas talked about his personal experiences in a multinational company and how the company he worked for overcame a serious crisis caused by employees’ dissatisfaction.

All attendees found the topic of Happiness at Work very relevant to their past and current experiences and agreed that these days it is key for successful managers to create loyal and motivated teams to drive their organizations forward. Alumni who joined the event were very glad that EU promotes such important values in its teaching.

Having open discussions with experts allows our alumni to get an exclusive insight into complex topics, as well as being an opportunity to catch up with old classmates and network with other alumni. The informal atmosphere of Alumni Association events means that people are comfortable to ask further questions and get a true understanding of the topics at hand.