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Montreux Jazz Festival CEO Speaks to EU Business School Students
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Montreux Jazz Festival CEO Speaks to EU Business School Students

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The jazz man is back in town! This November, music maestro Mathieu Jaton, CEO of the Montreux Jazz Festival, spoke to an audience of EU Barcelona students and special guests at CosmoCaixa, telling the story of one the world’s most enduring and endearing music festivals.

Sonic legacy

The Montreux Jazz Festival has consistently drawn some of music’s most distinguished artists over its 51-year history. Originally founded by Claude Nobs as a pure jazz festival in 1967, it soon became an eclectic showcase for some of the world’s finest musical artists. From legends of jazz and soul, such as Nina Simone and Ray Charles, to contemporary superstars such as The Strokes and Alicia Keys, the Montreux Jazz Festival has enchanted fans for generations.

A festival story

As pioneers of live music performance video recording, the Montreux Jazz Festival has some remarkable archive footage. Jaton used this to great effect, weaving through the decades to tell the intricate story of this unique festival. The audience was regaled with fascinating tales, especially Nina Simone’s emotionally-charged performances, rare footage of a notoriously camera-shy Marvin Gaye, Prince’s touching tribute to Claude Nobs and Jaton’s discovery of the next big thing in music, Rag‘n’Bone Man.

From the heart

Through the festival story, Jaton gave students an insight into authenticity. His continuation of Nobs’ philosophy is key to its success in the 21st century. In essence, their brand of business goes beyond the normal boundaries, to ensure they offer something special. Something unique. This, together with the fascinating history of the festival, captivated students, faculty and special guests.

Thank you for the music

Vice-President and Managing Director of EU Business School, Carl Craen, said “Today, the Montreux Jazz Festival is the second biggest jazz festival in the world. Mr Jaton has been working with some of the most important performers in music. He has cultivated a certain philosophy, a personal touch. In addition, with vision, drive and passion, the goals that he has reached through the festival have been immense. It was an honor to welcome him here. I have no doubt that he made a huge impact on our students, faculty and special guests.