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EU Alumni: Lorena Benchimol de Veloso
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EU Alumni: Lorena Benchimol de Veloso

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EU Alumni: Lorena Benchimol de Veloso
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Delivery Manager at Hewlett-Packard Brazil & Graduate Professor at Fundação Getulio Vargas, MBA in International Management and Finance, 1999.

EU Professional PicAge: 38 years old
Country of birth: Brazil
Speaks: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish
Lives in: Rio de Janeiro
Has lived in: U.S.A., Brazil, Portugal
Has also studied: Business Administration Undergraduate, Lato Sensu Study in Project Management and Project Management Professional (PMP)
Likes: Traveling, gym, running, biking, going to the beach, watching movies, going to the theater, visiting museums

As part of the “Meet Our Alumni” series, we recently caught up with Lorena Benchimol de Veloso to discuss her career since graduating from EU, and the tips that she has for students entering the business world.

Brazilian native Lorena Benchimol de Veloso may have developed her career in the private sector, but academics have always held a special place in her heart. In conjunction with her career as Delivery Manager at Hewlett-Packard (HP), she is also a professor at the Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) in Rio de Janeiro. Her broad and diverse network, which spans varying sectors and nationalities, is something Lorena has grown to appreciate.

People make the difference, but without communication no-one goes forward.

Benchimol de Veloso’s career at HP was a direct result of her networking abilities. The group was in need of a Project Manager and she was suggested as a potential candidate through a connection. She has maintained contact with many students and teachers alike from her days at EU, and appreciates the value of its Alumni Association: “Our network is priceless [and] we should all profit from this new era. Networking is key.”

Lorena Benchimol de Veloso

She has fond memories of her EU days and former classmates: “My MBA at EU Business School was a milestone in my life. My work group was a rather multinational one. We were five: a Portuguese engineer, a German administrator, an American economist, a Zimbabwean diplomat and me.”

This international experience and openness has proved influential in Benchimol de Veloso’s career. In her current role, she has 27 people who report to her, all from different backgrounds. She says “being open to people, knowing they have completely different drives and expectations” are important qualities for both a good manager and a good teacher.

Benchimol de Veloso encourages students wanting to climb the ladder to: “Communicate your expectations with your immediate manager and establish the best possible relationship with him or her. People make the difference, but without communication no one goes forward.” And of course, it goes without saying: “be sure to network”.

Her top tip for those trying to expand their network: never eat lunch alone.