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Meet Our Alumni: Marie de Laval

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Meet Our Alumni: Marie de Laval
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Marie de Laval Marie de Laval (2)

Founder & Senior Recruitment Consultant, Paxton Executive AB
BBA, 1995

Marie de Laval is a human resources expert. After completing her BA in Economics at Schiller International University and BBA at EU, she went on to work as a recruitment specialist for various companies.

Is from: Sweden
Lives in: Sweden
Speaks: Swedish, English, French
Has lived in: U.S.A., U.K., Germany, France
Has also studied: Bachelor of Administration at Schiller International University, Florida, U.S.A., French studies at Sorbonne, Paris, France
Likes: Horse-riding, golf, sailing, traveling to France

What made you choose a career in human resources?
People, business and psychology as a combination has always interested me.

People, business and psychology as a combination has always interested me.

What is the best part of your job?
Finding the perfect match, with which a candidate and the person hiring can develop both the business and themselves together.

What trends have you seen in recruitment over the last five years?
In Sweden, almost every business uses recruitment companies when they need to expand. Also, there has been more cooperation on an international scale, especially within the IT-management sector.

What are the top three general qualities that recruiters are looking for in a candidate?
Drive, structure, flexibility.

Are there any general skills that people should work to improve?
The way you introduce yourself! And everyone should do more research about the company they’re interested in.

How should students balance a personal life on social media with their career goals?
Make sure you don’t expose aspects of your personal life that you don’t think are appropriate within a working sphere in public. Researchers can google you.

What are the biggest mistakes jobseekers make?
Talking about their own needs and wants too much, and not focusing on what they can contribute to a company.

What are recruiters looking to hear when they ask you about your future plans?
They want to see if the interviewee has plans and how far they are looking ahead. It says something about what they dare to share and how high their tail is wagging!

What is the right answer to: “Tell me about your weaknesses?”
I really hope that question doesn’t exist anymore! Maybe it can be rephrased as “What do you try to develop on a personal level?”