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Meet Our Alumni: Thomas Ruschke
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Meet Our Alumni: Thomas Ruschke

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DCIM104GOPROAlumni are an integral part of the EU family. It is wonderful to see how their careers and professional lives progress following their time at EU, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to share their stories with you in this ‘Meet Our Alumni’ section.

Client Partner, DACH Market Financial Services & e-commerce Clients, Facebook Ireland Limited

Bachelor of Business Administration, 2012

Country of birth: Germany 
: German, English
Lives in: Dublin, Ireland
Has lived in: Germany, U.S.A., Brazil
Was: 2011-2012 EU Business School Munich Class President
Likes: Long-distance running, mountaineering, skiing, sailing, traveling

Thomas Ruschke’s career has taken him from Mercedes and Microsoft to BMW and Facebook, combining his passions for social media and sustainability along the way.

The online world is expanding. How important is online reputation?
In my opinion, we are in the midst of a reputation shift, both in business and on a personal level. Today our knee-jerk reaction to discovering a business is to google it – so much so that the word “google” is a verb. We do the same on Facebook when we meet a new person.

Is offline marketing still relevant?
Offline marketing will never be fully replaced; just as the real world will never be replaced by a virtual one. If you want to reach a demographically-broad audience, for example, offline may be your best bet.

What are you betting on in the future?
My chosen career path reflects my vision of the future. Just as radio disrupted print and television disrupted radio, the internet is doing well at disrupting traditional media. Internet users spend an average of one out of every four minutes on Facebook.

How did you career path lead you to Facebook?
My passion for all things Internet developed from a young age, learning MS-DOS, then later getting started with Windows 3.11 (remember that!). After graduating from EU Munich, I helped both Microsoft and Daimler AG develop their global social media strategies and then spent two years preparing the global brand strategy and launching BMW i. Facebook later approached me, as a result of my LinkedIn profile, and the rest is history.

Where would you like to see you career go?
I want to have a positive global impact. Not only in terms of general business metrics, but also with less tangible things like reducing dependency on oil or making the world a more open and connected place.

What’s been your proudest professional achievement thus far?
Successfully launching the BMW i brand, effectively validating the viability of electric vehicles for traditional automakers. But I have a good feeling that my proudest moment still lies ahead.