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EU Alumni: Youliana Lyoubenova
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EU Alumni: Youliana Lyoubenova

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Alumni are an integral part of the EU family. It is wonderful to see how their careers and professional lives progress following their time at EU, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to share their stories with you in this ‘Meet Our Alumni’ section.

Youliana Lyoubenova

Worldwide Process Manager, HP Enterprise Services, Hewlett-Packard

MBA in International Management, 1999

Speaks: English, Spanish, Bulgarian

Has lived in: Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Spain

Also studied: BSc in Accounting and Controls, Economic University, Varna, Bulgaria

Was born in: Bulgaria

Is a member of the Barcelona chapter of the EU Alumni Association

Has won: Hewlett-Packard Most Valuable Player Award, 2006

Likes: travelling, painting, reading


Born in Bulgaria, Youliana Lyoubenova graduated with an MBA from EU in 1999. She started at the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Brussels office that same year and has been with the innovative company ever since, growing from a process engineer to a worldwide process manager and working with many talented people from all five continents. Below, Youliana reflects on how working for a multinational offers endless possibilities.

“I graduated from the EU Barcelona campus in 1999, during the dot-com boom. That same year, I went to a three-day job fair in Brussels. It was really impressive – we had 20-30 interviews with many companies, and I got four job offers. One from Fiat in Italy, one from a company called Eurolinks and one from Mango in Spain. HP Offered me a position working in their European Coordination Center in Brussels.

I think I chose HP in part thanks to EU Business School. During the MBA program, we studied many business cases, and one of them was about HP culture, the weight they placed on customer importance, their values and then, of course, the technology aspect. It turned out to be absolutely the right decision and I have been there for 15 years.

People nowadays tend to swap a lot from one company to another. But that’s one of the benefits of working for such a large, multinational: your job is constantly evolving. So much so that I have switched positions every couple of years, usually to something related to my old job, but new at the same time. There’s this constant learning experience that keeps you motivated and interested in staying with the company. Especially one that offers interesting assignments, an international environment, great flexibility and an objectives-based working culture; something you don’t get in many other companies.”