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Meet Our Students: Ivo Morera Andreu & His Internship at Accenture

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EU Barcelona Bachelor of Business Administration student, Ivo Morera Andreu, took advantage of all the opportunities available to him. After completing an exchange program with EU institutional partner, Shinawatra University in Thailand, Morera wanted more, and after finding an interesting internship on LinkedIn, turned to the EU Careers Services Department;

“The EU Career Services Department (CSD) helped me a lot with everything, from editing my CV and cover letter, to looking for positions in several other companies. Having someone guiding you and helping you to improve your LinkedIn profile, CV and cover letter is very helpful. It helps you improve your image when you apply to a company. When I got accepted at Accenture, the CSD helped me a lot with all the agreements between the three parties [Accenture, EU Business School and myself] and arranged all the paperwork.”

Morera completed a six-month internship as a strategy analyst at Accenture in Barcelona while continuing his studies. During his internship Morera had a lot of responsibility, quickly learning his strengths and weaknesses;

“I learned that I’m good at managing my time and handling situations when I have to give support to my colleagues. I also learned that I’m good at leading teams. In the project, I had a lot of responsibilities. There was no filter between me and the client. I was in charge of the communication between the dealership and the company as well with our call center. My team and I were in charge of presenting weekly and monthly reports on sales, customer interests, customer profiles and dealership sales, among others.”

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The added practical experience of working in a professional setting complemented his bachelor’s coursework. Now Morera feels much more comfortable about holding a full-time position upon graduation;

“Now I have a better understanding of what it’s like to work for a multinational. I’m better prepared for my next position. I have learned how to manage my workload and better understand work priorities to be able to meet deadlines. I learned to be proactive, to always try to add value to my work and to propose alternatives to improve upon.”

Morera would recommend that all students complete an internship during their studies;

“Doing an internship is a great way to start getting to know how a company is managed, learning how people deal with problems and what it’s like to have a boss and follow orders. For me, working for one of the largest consulting companies has been a great way to start my professional career. Consulting is one of the most demanding careers and I believe this has helped me to get to know what it’s like to work in a company and push my limits.”

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