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Meet the 2014 EU Chapter Leader of the Year Award Winner: Xavier de Bergeyck

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Meet the 2014 EU Chapter Leader of the Year Award Winner: Xavier de Bergeyck
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Xavier2Last week, Xavier de Bergeyck won the 2014 EU Chapter Leader of the Year Award, in recognition for his excellence in organizing and managing alumni events, as well as his dedication to reconnect EU alumni. We caught up with him just after the winners had been announced…

How does it feel to win the Chapter Leader of the Year Award?
Winning the first EU Chapter Leader of the Year Award is a great honor. I would like to dedicate this award to all future alumni who will join the EU Alumni Association in the future. I would, however, like to stress that most of the other chapter leaders have also proven to be great, innovative and inspiring leaders for the more than 25,000 alumni EU has around the globe.

What do you think contributed to your win?
The goal of the chapter leaders around the world is to foster friendships, business opportunities and employment opportunities through the alumni network. I believe that the Brussels chapter has successfully proven that EU alumni have a much higher-than-average capacity to achieve this goal and benefit from it – even many years after graduating from EU.

What’s been the best thing to happen within the association since your involvement began?
The association strengthens the brand and reputation of EU, which is paramount for an institution that produces hundreds of alumni each year. By attracting world leaders such as Kofi Annan to its events, EU is attracting the world leaders of tomorrow. I suppose the best thing I have witnessed since my involvement has been the international spread and coverage the alumni associations and events have had; several major cities in the world hosted the alumni events over the last year. I also had the opportunity to visit the impressive Munich and Geneva campuses, as well as attend the graduation ceremony in Barcelona.

How do you see the Alumni Association evolving in the future?
The EU Alumni Association is growing every day and events will become bigger and better – we should not forget the intimate character of an informal lunch or after-work drink with our fellow alumni. More chapters will open in more cities and the global reach of our network will be envied by many!

Do you have a message for any alumni not yet involved with the association?
Our society rewards both talent and effort. All alumni that I have met until now are enormously talented and hard working. EU has a strong ability to detect the talents of each one of us and the Alumni Association gathers these talents and enables them to interact. Get in touch with your closest chapter leader and discover how well we are connected!

Xavier de Bergeyck was one of two winners. Click here to read the interview with Willem-Jeroen Stevens, the 2014 EU Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year.