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Montreux Jazz Festival CEO comes to Barcelona

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Montreux Jazz Festival CEO, Mathieu Jaton, will be in Barcelona this November! The acclaimed music maestro will speak to EU Business School students, alumni and others about the converging worlds of business and music, and the importance of being passionate about your work. The event will take place at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona from 11 a.m. on Friday, November 10.

Musical pioneers

A world-class venue for music legends as well as a sounding-board for new talent, the Montreux Jazz Festival gives artists the freedom to express, create and collaborate. The legacy of the festival is immense. Originally founded by Claude Nobs as a pure jazz festival in 1967, it soon became an eclectic showcase for some of the world’s finest musical artists. From the pioneers of jazz and soul to contemporary greats, the Montreux Jazz Festival has enchanted fans for 50 years.























Taking center stage

In 1999 Mathieu Jaton began working at the festival, gaining a promotion to General Secretary in 2001. Later, in 2013, he became CEO of the Montreux Jazz Festival, taking over from the late, great Claude Nobs – his mentor and the festival’s founder.

Jaton continues to drive the vision of this unique festival. The Montreux Jazz festival gives world-class musicians and stars in the making a stage to work their magic.

Even if music is a business – it’s a big business – everything that motivates me is run by passion. You cannot run a festival or a cultural event without it. It is what’s in your heart that will make you work for the future.

50 years and counting

From 1967 to 2017, this exceptional festival has certainly embodied the elegance, charm and excitement of the music it showcases. Get inspired and discover how the Montreux Jazz Festival became the festival of choice for the best musicians in the business.

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