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My EU: the Essential App for All Things EU

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We’ve released a new app, My EU! The essential app for everything academic and social at EU Business School. For our students, this puts a lot of valuable information in one place in an easy to use format.

Download it now on both Google Play and the App Store.

The modern age

Today, it’s often said that the younger generation has it easy. Apps can now do the laundry for you, order a pizza, or tell you what music to listen to. Our day-to-day is now hugely influenced by technology. And with the modern time pressures of exams and huge expectations of success, why shouldn’t it be? Using high-tech innovations to make life easier is the way forward.

My EU: A central hub

Edmund Burke once said, “Good order is the foundation of all things”. Getting organized is crucial and the first step towards success. Through My EU, students will have everything they need in one easy place. They will be able to view information and guidelines for current and future courses. The app will also keep students up to date with reading lists, campus news, notifications and key calendar dates, such as upcoming exams and networking events. My EU will be a central online hub, allowing students to keep track of assignments, and save all their documents in one place.

One big social network

As well as keeping track of the academic side of life at EU, My EU serves as a social network. Students will be able to message friends through private messaging and group chats. Whether it’s information about a course deadline, comparing notes from a business seminar, keeping in the loop about exciting upcoming guest speakers, or getting the lowdown on next weekend’s party, My EU will keep students in the know.