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Shiny Happy Workers Holding Hands
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Shiny Happy Workers Holding Hands

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Today’s employers are constantly looking for new ways to support and develop talent. Job satisfaction is crucial to a successful business – without it, the door keeps on revolving and employees come and go. A business needs to be built on solid foundations, through loyalty and trust. So, how does a business keep their team happy and motivated?

A pat on the back

Mark Twain once said “I can live for two months on a good compliment”. Praise, appreciation and recognition of personal achievement do wonders for morale. Equally, employees who feel undervalued won’t stick around. Besides dishing out praise, creative rewards are a great way to make the team feel appreciated. A standard bonus might be nice once in a while, but who wouldn’t feel motivated in a company that allows top performers a Friday morning sleep-in for their efforts?

A creative environment

The environment in which we work is also key to our happiness. Beige office walls and fluorescent lighting are becoming a thing of the past, with innovative companies beginning to realize that, to keep their workforce happy, their senses and their imaginations need to be stimulated. Whether it’s a Google‑type office slide or a video games room à la Facebook HQ, using a little office design ingenuity is a sure-fire way to stir the team’s creative juices.

An engaging learning experience

Innovative training methods are becoming increasingly important. People need to feel involved and engaged, as well as having the excitement to learn new skills and develop their potential. A continually evolving learning process keeps the team motivated and well-trained employees are willing to assume more control, and offer new ideas. They also need less supervision, leaving management free to drive the company forward.

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