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Visit to Mandarin Oriental, Geneva, By Drupad Madan Diwan

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Visit to Mandarin Oriental, Geneva, By Drupad Madan Diwan
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On Friday December 13, EU business school first-year students from the Group A BBA program visited the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Geneva, where they were welcomed warmly.

With a peaceful city-center location, beautiful rooms, acclaimed restaurants and excellent service, the Mandarin Oriental in Geneva impresses anyone who steps inside. The beautiful view of the Rhone River is one of the added benefits.

The students were given a lot of information about the history of the hotel. They received a guided tour of the entire hotel from the head of Human Resources and saw the different categories of rooms. They learned about the architecture of the hotel, the history of the building and the previous owners.

Next, students were shown the banquet halls and the restaurants. They had the opportunity to go into the kitchen and see how things work, which was the first time for most of them. Distracted by the smell of the food, they were then taken to the basement of the hotel where they were shown the laundry room, the service area and the sorting and storage places.

At the end, the students were offered some beverages and fresh pastries and given a souvenir. They then had a friendly Q&A with the head of Human Resources. Overall, the visit to the Mandarin Oriental was an enjoyable experience during which EU Geneva students learned a lot of new things.