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EU Business School Institutional Partners

EU Business School continuously explores partnerships with world-class institutions. We live in an increasingly international world. Our graduates work for companies who may have locations across the globe. It is vital for students to have experience working in, and with, different cultures. This is why EU Business School places such importance on forming partnerships worldwide.

Across all our European campuses, we offer our students the possibility to participate in exchange programs. These programs enable students to obtain further qualifications from educational institutions around the world. Spending time abroad brings new experiences, an opportunity for self-discovery and a widened global perspective. Exchanges prepare students for a global marketplace of different cultures and job markets. We offer the possibility to transfer to a different campus until the fourth semester at the undergraduate level and each term at the graduate level.

Our International Partners


New York

The scale and global significance of the business and finance sectors has made the 'Big Apple’ one of the most important cities in the world.



Home to some of the most famous educational institutions worldwide, you will have plenty of opportunities to network with the next generation of movers and shakers.


Los Angeles

The incredible economic power of The Golden State is driven by a world-class technology sector.



As one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia, Bangkok is a magnet for big business, important for the local economy and the economy of neighboring nations.

Shinawatra University

A World of Possibilities


Eu Business School




Middle East & Africa

The Americas


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