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Bangkok EU Business School


Launch Your Network in the Land of Smiles

The development of the city was at one stage unpredictable, producing charming vitality in each street of Bangkok. Now, the population of Bangkok is over nine million spread across 50 diverse districts. We are proud to give our students the opportunity to study in Bangkok in one of Southeast Asia’s most booming and developed cities.

Why Study in Bangkok?

The streets of the sprawling Thai metropolis are intriguing, welcoming, fun, and host to businesses which drive the nation’s economy. In addition to thriving agricultural production, a flourishing manufacturing industry is driving demand for international workers across a number of sectors.


Gain a new experience in Southeast Asia


Build a network in Thailand


Make friends from around the world


Build your unique CV


Experience a new culture


Learn about Thai business etiquette


Build links with Bangkok-based businesses


Explore local gastronomy and the vibrant street-life


As one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia, Bangkok is a magnet for big business, important for the local economy and the economy of neighboring nations. Shinawatra University is a prestigious university, well-served in terms of the infrastructure and academic programs that it offers. Strong ties with surrounding private sector companies mean that students develop a practical and wide-reaching professional network during their studies.


Bangkok temple

Your Key to an International Network

The importance of Southeast Asia in terms of its economic output is growing year by year. In the international and interconnected business landscape of the future, previous experience studying and working in Southeast Asia will be a huge asset. Shinawatra University was established with the intention of bolstering and supporting the development of the private sector in Thailand. As such, links to local and national businesses provide students with enduring connections to the region.

A Complete Experience

Stellar international business and a great set of friends from around the world await you in Shinawatra University, situated on the outskirts of the Thai capital. Bankok is a shopping mecca, known for its distinctive cuisine, fascinating culture and bustling street life. From humble street stalls and tuk-tuk rides to luxury shopping malls or elegant rooftop restaurants, Bangkok is a city of contrasts enveloped in Thai hospitality.

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