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EU Business School BBA

BA - Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

This program combines the global outlook gained in an international relations degree with the practical skills acquired in a business degree. All industries are becoming increasingly globalized and this specialization provides a solid knowledge of the current affairs necessary to analyze the modern business world.

How You Earn Your Certificate

This program lasts three years, each year is divided into two semesters. Each semester students complete ten courses in addition to industrial visits and guest speaker sessions. To graduate, students must complete two final cases and a dissertation subject in addition to their courses.

Year 1

First Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)

Year 2

Third Semester (21 CH | 30 ECTS)

Year 3

Fifth Semester (21 CH | 30 ECTS)


Second Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)


Fourth Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)


Sixth Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes

Students learn how to analyze information gathered from reliable sources, and will also learn how to effectively share insights and analysis with others. In addition, students who take this program will also:





Identify the theoretical tools necessary to understand the international system.

Analyze how and why diplomacy is conducted.

Demonstrate skills related to working in a multi-cultural environment.

Sharpen political-thinking skills through real case study analysis and problem-solving approaches.

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