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EU Business School BBA

BA - Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management

Sports organizations and groups earn billions of dollars each year. The rapid expansion of this market opens the door to diverse opportunity but also greater competition. This program is for students who are passionate about sports, management, finance and leadership. It prepares students with the specific skills to meet the challenges of this competitive atmosphere through courses in negotiation, legal and ethical issues in sport, sponsorship, consumer behavior and sports psychology and sociology.

How You Earn Your Certificate

The Sports Management program lasts three years, with each divided into two semesters. Each semester students complete ten courses, including industrial visits and guest speaker sessions. To graduate, students must complete two final cases and a dissertation subject in addition to the other courses.

Year 1

First Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)

Year 2

Third Semester (21 CH | 30 ECTS)

Year 3

Fifth Semester (21 CH | 30 ECTS)


Second Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)


Fourth Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)


Sixth Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes

The program combines knowledge of physical education with business and management courses, based upon a foundation of real-world case studies. In addition, students who take this program will also:





Gain insight and knowledge of new developments in the professional and recreational sports industries.

Apply theoretical knowledge to practical business situations, simulated by case studies.

Understand current business issues through required readings and research.

Demonstrate proficient oral and written communications skills.

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