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EU Business School MBA

MBA - Design Management

Companies now have more options than ever to promote their products and brands. Practical knowledge of design, current trends and how they affect corporate practices is quickly becoming a key component of running a successful organization. Through this program, you will gain a general understanding of design history and esthetics while learning how to best apply them to business and productive management practices.



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EU Business School Admission Period

Students completing this major pursue careers in:

Brand strategy
Packing design development
Marketing management

A sample of the Design Management program courses:

Luxury & Design
Architecture & Hotel Design
Photography & Management

“Studying at EU Business School changed my professional and personal life in a way I never could have imagined. It opened my eyes, gave me the courage to accept new challenges and helped me see the world without limits.”

Matías Quevedo, Operations Manager at Ecolab Brasil
MBA in Design Management

Choose the Best Location for You

Our MBA programs are offered across our Barcelona and Switzerland campuses, and it is possible to transfer. Study the way you like. Choose your campus:


EU Business School Geneva


An international business hub


EU Business School Montreux


An inspiring city


EU Business School Barcelona


A Mediterranean metropolis

Obtain a Dual Qualification

Candidates with less than two years of work experience qualify for:

Candidates with two or more years of work experience qualify for:

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