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EU Business School MBA

The MBA in International Business Program

The MBA in International Business provides students with the knowhow to navigate a world with rapidly dissipating borders. Today’s successful professionals must come with a varied skill set which is adaptable to the diversity and international nature of the global market. Students develop a broad understanding of the global economic playing field through extensive case study research.

How You Earn Your Certificate

The MBA in International Business program (90 ECTS) lasts one year, divided into three-terms. Each term students complete five courses, including industrial visits and guest speaker sessions. In order to graduate, students must complete a management research methods module and a dissertation subject in addition to the other courses.

Term 1

(18 CH  | 23 ECTS)

Term 2

(21 CH  | 27 ECTS)

Term 3

(15 CH  | 20 ECTS)

Graduation Requirements

*EU Research & Dissertation Seminars will be taken over 2 terms

Learning Outcomes

International Business graduates leave EU with a diverse skill set that will enable them to be effective leaders in a number of different business applications. Students will also:





Gain a comprehensive vision of the way in which businesses work and develop strategies to react to changes.

Hone problem-solving, analytical and evaluation skills.

Complete marketing campaigns for different local and global sectors.

Experiment with different techniques that help lead to desired outcomes and clearer decisions.

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