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EU Business School MBA

The MBA in International Marketing Program

The promotion of products and services is one of the most important aspects of any business. Effectively delivering and promoting a company’s offerings in a constantly evolving market is market is key to business success. This program provides a framework for learning the fundamental approaches to understanding markets, competitors, product portfolios and consumer behavior from an international perspective. It emphasizes current developments in e-marketing strategies and changes in advertising and media, and equips graduates with the necessary tools, skills and mindset required to be effective international marketers.

How You Earn Your Certificate

The MBA in International Marketing program (90 ECTS) lasts one year, divided into three terms. Each term students complete five courses, including industrial visits and guest speaker sessions. In order to graduate, students must complete a management research methods module and a dissertation subject in addition to the other courses.

Term 1

(18 CH  | 23 ECTS)

Term 2

(21 CH  | 27 ECTS)

Term 3

(15 CH  | 20 ECTS)

Graduation Requirements

*EU research & dissertation seminars will be taken over two terms

Learning Outcomes

Graduates leave this program with all the tools they need to be effective players in the field of international marketing. Students will also:





Explore how companies make the most from their investments, from managing data to communications.

Apply key principles that enhance communication and effectivenes.

Analyze the microfunctions of human resources management and explore its strategic importance.

Analyze and create alternative investment projects.

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