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MBA - Sports Management

The sports market is a multibillion dollar industry, experiencing rapid expansion in regions such as China, Russia, Brazil and the Middle East, opening many doors to those with a specialized skill set. This is an interdisciplinary program designed to teach management skills, covering areas such as; sports marketing and management, sports advertising, and media relations. The industry offers diverse and dynamic opportunities to graduates, ranging from professional sports to managing events and corporate sponsorships.



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EU Business School Admission Period

Students completing this major pursue careers in:

Marketing and promotions management
Sports media and public relations
Corporate sponsorship

A sample of the Sports Management program courses:

Sports Sponsorship
Sports Marketing Management
Crafting Unique Sports Events

“Many of my previous classmates are not only my friends, but also professional contacts: EU taught me to combine friendships with profession."

Siddhartha Tewari, Sports Consultant at Aspire Management
MBA in Sports Management

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Our MBA programs are offered across our Barcelona and Switzerland campuses, and it is possible to transfer. Study the way you like. Choose your campus:


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Obtain a Dual Qualification

Candidates with less than two years of work experience qualify for:

Candidates with two or more years of work experience qualify for:

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