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The admission process at EU Business School is straightforward. Students may choose to apply online or send their application by post.

Candidates are evaluated on the strength of their application with consideration given to the student's leadership potential, academic achievements, performance on standardized texts, extracurricular activities and personal experiences.

Enrollment takes place throughout the year taking advantage of our program's year-round start dates. Foundation and bachelor's students can begin their studies in September/October, January, May and July, while our master's and MBA programs begin in October, January and March. This flexibility allows students to start studying at their earliest convenience.

Our admissions team is available to help you with any queries or questions you might have. To find out more about EU, we also encourage you to visit our campuses, meet our current students and attend our classes and open day sessions.

To see the enrolment requirements for a specific program, select the program below.

Admission Process for English Foundation Program

A certain level of English is required to successfully study a business degree at EU. For students who need to improve their English language proficiency, we offer our English foundation program designed to ensure that students make the most of their studies at EU. EU’s Admissions Department is available to help students with any queries or questions they might have about this program. To find out more about us, we also encourage you to visit our campuses, meet our current students, attend classes and open day sessions.

Admission Requirements:

  • Proof of English level: TOEFL score 60 (internet-based), 173 (computer-based), 500 (paper); IELTS 5.0; CAE B1 with a minimum score of 154 points; minimun PTE of 36

All English Foundation Program students must also meet the requirements for entry to our bachelor's, master's or MBA programs.

Please see the documentation section below to find out about the documents required for your application.


  • Fill out the application form.
  • Receive an email with instructions on how to submit further documentation.

Submitting the application package:

The admissions department of your chosen campus will contact you by email with instructions on how to submit your application package. Send your application package containing the requested documents by post or email (if applicable). The admissions department will confirm receipt via email.

All applicants should submit the following documents in order to complete the application process:

  • 1 completed application form (if the application was not filled in online)
  • 1 certified copy of previous studies/high school diploma* and transcripts
  • Proof of English level: TOEFL score 60 (internet-based), 173 (computer-based), 500 (paper); IELTS 5.0; CAE B1 with a minimum score of 154 points; minimun PTE of 36
  • 1 letter of recommendation**
  • 1 motivation letter***
  • An electronic passport photo or 3 printed passport-size photos
  • 1 copy of valid passport or ID card
  • 1 bank certificate or letter certifying the applicant's financial solvency
  • €/CHF 200 non-refundable application fee. Please attach a money order, check or receipt for a bank transfer payable to EU.

Application and Document Details

  • Diploma*

Before continuing on to a bachelor's program at EU, students must send their high school certificate and transcripts to the EU Admissions Department of their chosen campus. Applicants who do not have a secondary school certificate at the time of applying must present an official secondary school transcript or record of their last year of secondary school study. Transcripts are considered official if they bear an official school stamp and the signature of the principal. They should also include the school’s contact information. The document should list the subjects taken, grades earned and examination results for each subject and include certificates or diplomas. If the documents are not in English, they must be sent with a certified English translation.

  • Letters of Recommendation**

Submit one letter of recommendation from an academic advisor who is familiar with your academic performance and potential for leadership. Any letter not written in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

  • Motivation Letter***

Your motivation letter will help the EU Admissions Department get to know you, understand why you wish to attend EU and determine your level of self-expression.

The English Foundation Program at EU Business School has three start dates per year, these dates are the same for every campus. Generally, semesters begin in October, February, May and July every year. Before the program starts all students will attend an orientation to help them integrate into the EU community. Please consult the academic calendar for detailed information.

The following English Foundation Program start dates are:

  • Fall Semester: October 7, 2024
  • Spring Semester: February 3, 2025
  • Summer Semester I: May 19, 2025
  • Summer Semester II: July 28, 2025

To see our term start and end dates, click through to our academic calendars.


Search for accommodation (contact the admissions department at your campus for more information)


Follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest news


Schedule an appointment with the embassy in your country to start the visa process (if applicable)


Connect with your admissions counselor to confirm everything was submitted


Prepare to travel (book your trip, prepare essential documents and make a packing list)


Arrive at EU's campus and connect with your future classmates at orientation day


Find your social circle by joining a sports team or participating in extra-curricular activities


Contact EU's academics department with any questions about your classes or timetable


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How much will I have to pay for tuition?

Please visit the English Foundation Program Tuition Fees section on our website. 

I have been accepted to EU Business School. What should I do next?

Pay the advanced tuition payment and confirm your intention to attend by paying the first installment of the program. Upon receipt, we will send confirmation of your enrollment at EU.

How do I pay tuition fees?

Students can pay their tuition fees via bank transfer, check or credit card. Once we have received the completed application package, the admissions department will send you information about tuition fee payments.

I have paid my advanced tuition payment. What should I do next?

Student visas are necessary for non-European Union citizens. On receipt of the final acceptance letter from EU, non-European Union applicants should apply for a student visa at the nearest embassy or consulate of the country where they wish to study. Please allow enough time to process your visa. We advise non-EU applicants to apply at least three months before the beginning of the academic semester. The admissions department will contact you to offer help with your student visa and to answer any other questions that you might have.

For European Union and non-European Union applicants, the tuition fee payment must be made before the start of the academic semester.

How do I find out about accommodation?

Please contact the admissions department of your chosen campus for housing advice.

Do I need health insurance?

Health insurance is mandatory in most European countries. Students are requested to obtain health insurance themselves. Please do not hesitate to contact EU if you require information on health insurance service providers, or any assistance.

I have paid my fees and have received a visa. What happens next?

The academic department will email you class timetables before the beginning of the academic semester.

How can I visit my campus before the beginning of my studies?

Please contact the admissions department of your chosen campus. We will be happy to show you around.

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