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EU Business School


At the 2010 annual conference of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), the Board of Commissioners announced the granting of specialized accreditation of the business degree programs of EU Business School. Business program accreditation by IACBE assures the high quality of EU Business School business programs. Accredited programs have been examined by trained evaluators who ensure that IACBE's standards are being met in eight key areas: outcomes assessment, strategic planning, curriculum, faculty, scholarly and professional activities, resources, internal/external relationships, and educational innovation. The quality of the business programs are measured by the accomplishment of the school's mission and broad-based goals, the effectiveness of student learning, and the operational effectiveness of EU as an academic business unit.

Dr. John L. Green, Jr., President of IACBE, notes that, “accreditation is recognition that the business programs of EU Business School have demonstrated academic excellence and an interest in continuous programmatic improvement. IACBE is especially interested in the continuous assessment of student learning outcomes. The accreditation process is one means of assisting academic business units in equipping graduates to excel in the business world”.

“Accreditation is more than just another credential for institutions,” adds William Parrott, IACBE Director of Member Services and International Programs. “Accreditation requires evidence that a school's programs are meeting high standards and producing measurable, high-quality results.”

Based in the Kansas City metropolitan area, IACBE is the premier business accrediting association for business programs in student-centered colleges and universities. EU Business School joins a growing list of over 200 IACBE member institutions throughout the world that support quality assurance in education.
Please see the IACBE website for more details.

EU Business School E-Newsletter June 2010