5 High-Paying Freelance Careers in Business

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Over the last five years, the freelance economy has grown at a breathtaking rate.  

According to Upwork, the largest online marketplace for independent professionals, the number of freelancers in America jumped from 53 million in 2014 to 57 million in 2019, and now accounts for 35% of the total workforce.  

An ever-growing number of graduates, inspired by the prospect of job autonomy, are turning to self-employment. 

If you’re drawn to a career as a freelancer, there’s no better time to enter the market. In this post, we’re going to look at five of the most lucrative and little-known roles in the business sector. 

Freelancers Enjoy Job Autonomy and High Salaries 

Freelancing has myriad benefits. These include location independence, freedom to choose clients and projects, uncapped earnings and much greater control over working hours. Freelancers also tend to command very high salaries and hourly rates.  

It’s also worth noting that promotional skills acquired as a freelancer, like the ability to navigate online job sites and write compelling profiles, often allow for greater autonomy and job security than traditional company roles.  

1. Brand Awareness and PR Strategist 

Brand strategy is one of the most important roles in marketing. A strategist works with a company to formulate a high-level approach to all elements of its public-facing identity, including positioning, buyer personas, visuals, written messages and more.  

It’s a demanding and exciting job that draws on a variety of skills. If you have a knack for activities like consumer profiling, market research and creative design, then it could be an excellent choice for you. It’s possible to specialize quite deeply in this field, focusing on specific disciplines like rebranding strategy and logo design, for which there are sizable markets.  

2. User Experience (UX) Designer 

User experience is a term that’s often associated with software development rather than business. But it covers much more than building beautiful app interfaces. 

UX designers are responsible for crafting the whole customer journey in relation to a product, from the moment of purchase to first use and beyond. They’re concerned with tailoring experiences to provide maximum value to customers. 

Good UX design demands an affinity with a range of fields, including customer psychology, testing, marketing, packaging, sales and more. Individuals that enjoy combining different skillsets will find it a particularly appealing profession.  

3. Venture Capital Consultant 

Venture capital consultants cater to two markets. On one side, they help investors make sound financial decisions. On the other, they work with startups and emerging companies to secure and manage funds.  

Business-minded individuals that have a flair for market analysis and a penchant for keeping abreast of trends and innovations will find a lot to like in this role. Often, venture capital consultants will work across a range of industries, which is an exciting prospect for people who don’t like to remain in one sector.  

Because VC consultants usually build and maintain a personal network of investors that startups and young companies want to connect with, they can often charge very high fees for their services.  

4. Online Advertising Manager 

Online advertising, which is dominated by a pay-per-click model, is a colossal industry. Search ads, which are ads placed above or alongside organic search results on sites like Google, generated over 135 billion dollars worldwide in 2019.  

online advertising

Businesses of all sizes, from mom-and-pop “side hustles” to multinational conglomerates, are leveraging paid ads to generate sales and awareness. And they’re often choosing freelancers to run and manage campaigns instead of large ad companies, who are much more likely to charge higher prices and have longer execution times.  

Advertising managers draw on a tight set of skills including graphic design, data analysis, copywriting, market research and more, to generate positive ROI for companies in the long-term.  

5. Data Scientist 

The world is awash with data. And companies are eager to use all this information to make better decisions and gain a competitive edge.  

An effective data strategy allows businesses to glean practical insights from huge swathes of unstructured information. These insights can then be used to reduce inefficiencies, predict customer behaviour, develop market understanding, and even inform hiring decisions.  

Data analysis is an ideal vocation for individuals that want to work at the meeting-point of statistics, business analytics and computer programming. It’s also currently one of the most in-demand skills and commands high salaries across the board.  

Considering a Career as a Freelancer? 

Freelancers have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing their work. Many even move between different sectors over the course of their career, adapting to changes in the market and their own evolving skills and interests.  

If you’re considering a career as a freelancer, a strong foundation of business skills will enable you to excel in the work that you find most appealing, as well as to market and manage your profile. At EU Business School, we offer a range of courses designed to prepare you for a successful start, including our BA in Digital Business, Design & Innovation in Digital Business and our Masters in Digital Business 

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