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Mission & Values

EU Business School’s mission is to fully prepare our students to thrive and drive change in the global business arena while instilling and upholding our values, which promote transformation, multiculturalism and diversity.

Welcome to EU Business School

We live in a fast-paced era in which education is no longer about acquiring information, but rather developing key skills and learning how to evolve with the world around us.

After your time with us, you will walk away with more than a degree and in-depth knowledge of business. You will have learned about yourself and how to communicate with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. You will have continued to grow and develop, both professionally and personally, enabling you to seize the new opportunities available to you.

We will help you be entrepreneurial, think for yourself, learn from your mistakes and, most of all, take advantage of the opportunities that will arise throughout your career. These attributes are ingrained into the EU Business School DNA. The rest is up to you.

You will face many challenges as you push boundaries within yourself and in the world around you. You will not be alone – we will accompany you along your path to success. From our Career Services Department to our global network of EU alumni, you will have access to dedicated business professionals to guide you as you establish yourself in the world of business.

So, if you are looking for the best chance at a future of endless possibilities... start here.

We look forward to seeing you on campus.

Carl Craen
Managing Director
EU Business School

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Mission Statement

EU Business School’s mission is to contribute to the global community by providing a comprehensive and in-depth international business education to an inspired, culturally diverse student body.

To achieve our mission, EU Business School:

  • Prepares students for success in the global marketplace
  • Offers tailor-made education through a mix of traditional and innovative programs
  • Strives to be a leader in international business education
  • Upholds business ethics while focusing on the highest standards
  • Serves as an intellectual resource and platform for the global business community
  • Makes education accessible by offering full- and part-time programs and distance-learning options
  • Provides education which focuses on young, professional, progressive, innovative and international people
  • Meets the needs of individuals, institutions and public agencies through a variety of both degree and non-degree programs
  • Maintains high-tech educational services
  • Provides a multicultural and multilingual environment

Real People - Real Solutions

Core Values

The core values enshrined in the advancement of EU Business School’s Mission, including its strategic and academic plans ensure that the school is global and connected, open, transformational and pragmatic.

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Global & Connected

We are global in our approach. We are cosmopolitan and ethical in the way we uphold multiculturalism and plurality of ideas and values – the World is in EU. We are connected through our networks, partners and our inter-disciplinary approach to the real world.

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We are open and inclusive. We celebrate human diversity, as well as new ideas and diversity of thought. We embrace new challenges, as well as new ways of doing things.

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We are transformational in the way we approach teaching and learning. We embrace a student-centric and experiential learning method by adopting a flexible and blended approach; by hiring a world class faculty; and through nurturing our students and following their development closely throughout their academic career and beyond.

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We are pragmatic by focusing our teaching, learning and research on building and developing real world skills that are easily transferable in the global marketplace across different sectors. We pride ourselves in focusing on the needs of students in the real world.