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Across EU Business School campuses, our faculty and staff contribute to the outstanding business education of our students. The high academic standard of our programs, the achievements of our students, the professional experience of our faculty, and the diversity of our student body are all recognized by the results of our international rankings carried out by independent bodies across the globe.

We are proud to be acknowledged by the following organizations and publications:

EU Business School Memberships

EU Business School is a member of reputable international business and educational associations with whom we collaborate to improve the quality of our business education and to further develop our programs. These memberships also provide networking opportunities, allowing us to attend major events around the globe and ensure the relevance of our business programs.

Our memberships are further proof of our commitment to diversity and education. They also foster trust between EU Business School, the public and stakeholders, as well as current and potential students. They help us ensure the high quality of our education and allow us to apply best practices across our network of campuses. For this reason, we have partnered with a number of organizations with a range of specializations. Our memberships include the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIG).

EU Business School is a member of the following organizations:

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