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International Exchange

EU Business School offers one of the most global student exchange opportunities in the world, with four state-of-the-art European campuses in Barcelona, Geneva and Munich, and a multicultural student body of over 100 nationalities. We partner with 85 institutions around the world, making a study abroad experience through EU uniquely international. Students at all levels are welcome to apply and may choose to study for one semester or more. If you’re interested in a hands-on learning experience delivered by top business leaders in a beautiful world city, read on!

Prospective students may come to EU for an international exchange/study abroad program for one or two semesters/terms at the bachelor or graduate level. Depending on the subjects offered, the study abroad program can take place on any EU campus (Barcelona, Munich or Geneva).​

Students applying for this program must ensure that there is a partnership in existence between EU Business School and their home institution. In this case, students are required to confirm the minimum number of credits and contact their college or university for further details.

If you require further information, please send an email to

Rules of International Exchange

  • The minimum number of credits to be eligible for a student visa is 20 ECTS.
  • If your home institution has no existing agreement with EU, they are free to assign the number of credits you will be awarded. (Note: Bachelor's programs are limited to 30 ECTS or fewer per semester.)
  • Depending on the subjects studied and the number of credits students receive, they may or may not be eligible to earn an EU certificate (in International Business or a specialization certificate).​

Please contact us at for more information about the certification policy.

Specializations Available at the Bachelor Level

In response to the constantly shifting international business environment, EU's programs focus on both the traditional and latest trends in business to ensure that our students possess the relevant skills and knowledge to be successful business leaders. Our English-taught classes are dynamic and interactive, lecturers are experts in their fields and our students get first-hand experience through learning and engaging with industry heads and by visiting some of the world’s top multinational companies.

EU Barcelona's BBA focuses on business management modules, equipping students with key managerial concepts, theories, and the tools necessary for success in any business field. From strategic planning to finance and corporate development, students become more analytical, creative, and independent in their thinking. The aim of the program is to create business leaders who can integrate knowledge of finance, marketing, management and operations into an effective business model.

EU Business School's Bachelor of Arts in Digital Communication program prepares students for a full range of functions across industries within the business arena. This program prepares students to drive companies forward by tapping into new digital techniques that others are slow to adopt. Students will gain an understanding of current business trends and challenges, preparing them for a successful career in the ever-changing business world.

To flourish in the world's fastest-growing industry, EU Business School's Bachelor of Arts in Leisure & Tourism Management provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of tourism management and prepares students for a successful career within the tourism and leisure industry.

EU Business School's Bachelor of Arts in International Relations program is ideal for students who are interested in combining the breadth of global knowledge offered by international relations coursework, with the practical skills acquired in business courses. Students will learn to recognize, analyze and evaluate the roles of major players, structures, and processes in business and politics.

The sports market is a multibillion-euro industry that is expanding as it receives greater media coverage. EU Business School's Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management program covers sports management theory, business, and entrepreneurial studies, with an international perspective on the sports world. Enhanced by real case studies, this program prepares students with the specific skills required to manage competitive and challenging atmospheres through courses in negotiation, legal and ethical issues in sports sponsorship, consumer behavior and sports psychology.

Through EU's Bachelor of Arts in Digital Business, Design & Innovation program, tomorrow's innovators develop the skills, adaptability and curiosity required  to keep up with technological advances. They learn how to be innovative in their thinking and drive change as they move forward in their careers. Students focus on how modern technological advances are changing the way business is conducted and how to develop the qualities needed to be successful in the digital age.

EU Business School's Bachelor of Science in Business Finance program provides students with a comprehensive global and financial overview and sound business ethics. In competitive global markets, creating value is important for international businesses. Our major in business finance is both challenging and enjoyable, and can lead to a career that is both satisfying and lucrative.

Specializations Available at the Master Level

EU's master's programs have been specifically designed to prepare students for a specialized area of business while also providing a balanced understanding of fundamental concepts. Full-time programs last for one year (three terms). Six of our master's programs are also available on our digital campus for those who need a more flexible approach. 

At EU, master's students develop their business personalities and hone their management skills through lectures, company visits, guest speaker sessions, seminars, individual assignments, group projects and business simulations. They also enhance their capacity for creative and entrepreneurial thinking in preparation for shaping the future of business.

New forms of leadership are required to cope with and actively shape the political, economic, social and technological changes that are taking place across the world. EU's Master in Management program explores leadership in the 21st century, from strategic thinking and management to negotiation and marketing. This program focuses on the development of executive skills, giving students the tools to be effective leaders and adapt to future changes.

EU's Master in Marketing teaches students the latest trends in marketing. This program explores the main components of the decision-making process, helping students to develop the skills required to make effective marketing choices while providing insight into the analytical, strategic and operational areas of an organization.

EU's Master in Finance program uncovers topics such as asset pricing, portfolio management, fixed-income securities and credit markets, derivative securities and blockchain fundamentals, financial risk management and mergers and acquisitions, among others. Not only is this sector of the industry rapidly evolving, but it is also experiencing new disruption through cryptocurrencies and underlying blockchain technologies.

EU's Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management program explores the theories, practices and business models that make up the tourism and leisure field. Focusing on the development of management skills and strategic thinking, students will develop key industry competences as well as international and intercultural management abilities which are needed in this dynamic and fast-changing sector.

EU's Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship program explores the main components of innovation and new venture creation from theoretical and pragmatic perspectives, providing insight for entrepreneurial endeavor. Focusing on the development of creative-thinking and management skills, this program delivers solutions to innovation and entrepreneurial challenges while exploring business opportunities and conceptualizing business models. Students of this program are equipped to pursue careers within new areas of business.

EU's Master in Digital Business is an all-encompassing program, providing students interested in new business spheres with the necessary know-how to excel in the digital era. The program covers legal issues, strategy, finance, business models and change management, in addition to other topics. Students are provided with the key competences required to lead digital change in an organization and create new online ventures.

EU's Master in Fashion & Luxury Business program has been designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the luxury and fashion industry, teaching them how to manage unique and special brands. Focusing on management skills, luxury consumer attitudes and placing emphasis on design and creativity, this program prepares students to project a brand with strong advertising, communication and financial strategies.

Technology is transforming our world at a rapid pace, and businesses need to ensure they connect with an increasingly powerful and discerning customer base.  Digital marketing is crucial to business success and this program provides a comprehensive understanding of new technologies and how to implement them for effective digital marketing campaigns, as well as examine digital business models and digital transformation strategies in order to achieve optimal success in the ever-evolving business landscape of the future.

Business analytics and data science are crucial for the effective operation of companies today and professionals with proficiency in these areas are highly sought after by businesses. This program uses a hands-on, experiential methodology to give students practical skills and knowledge of industry-leading software, tools and applications as well as a comprehensive understanding of key topics from big data to machine learning and AI.

Specialization Available at the MBA Level

Today's employers seek MBA candidates who have international exposure and can thrive in the global business world. At EU, we offer a variety of specializations, ranging from traditional sectors to the most cutting-edge areas of international business.

The MBA in International Business provides students with the know-how to navigate a world where geographical borders are disappearing and the concept of the workplace is becoming more flexible. This program hones candidates’ varied skill sets, allowing them to adapt to the diversity and international nature of the global business market. International Business students aspire to work in a global environment and within dynamic game-changing ventures.

As organizations become more transparent and information more accessible, communications and public relations professionals are becoming increasingly vital to business. Professionals must have the knowledge to navigate the new digital environment where consumers are no longer passive audiences but active participants. Our graduates are trained to drive companies forward by tapping into new digital trends that others are slow to adopt.

EU’s international marketing MBA graduates are sought after by high-profile corporations and global agencies for both their knowledge and international experience. Throughout the program, students are exposed to a practical curriculum which includes distribution channel management, integrated communications and consumer behavior. The program also emphasizes current developments in digital marketing, advertising and media, equipping graduates with the necessary mindset to be game-changing international marketers.

The MBA in Global Banking & Finance offers courses with advanced concepts that relate to the financial organization, operations and problems of the economy at large while stressing issues of financial management in business firms and financial institutions. This program has been specifically designed to prepare graduates for management positions in the fields of corporate finance, investment management and other diverse areas in banking and finance.

Candidates with business knowledge are especially attractive hires for international hospitality and tourism organizations. Focusing on the development of executive skills and strategic aptitudes, this MBA program will deliver the key competencies required in the industry while developing your understanding of international and intercultural management needs.

The MBA in Entrepreneurship program is designed for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs interested in developing and implementing new programs, projects or ventures within their organizations and industries or in starting their own businesses. The curriculum covers vital topics, such as management skills, business law and accounting methods, analyzing how they are applied in various business situations. The program also teaches students how to adjust to change and gives them the skills necessary to become successful entrepreneurial leaders.

The managerial skills that digital business graduates gain are applicable to both those that wish to launch their own digital venture and those who go on to work for an established operation. As well as learning fundamental business skills such as accounting, management, marketing and human resources, students learn how to design and craft business according to new digital models and strategies.

Professionals who wish to work in the dynamic field of sports require an increasingly specialized, sports-related skill set. They require a good working knowledge of sports and business. This curriculum prepares students to meet the specific challenges of this profession through courses in sports marketing and management, and financial management as applied to sport and sponsorship. These are combined with fundamental business courses such as accounting, human resources, and strategy to give graduates a solid understanding of a successful business environment.

How To Apply


1. Complete your application and get your documents ready. Apply Now.


2. Write or film your accompanying motivational essay


3. Send documents required for the program


4. Application reviewed by the Admissions Department


5. Await confirmation that your place has been secured


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Getting Started on Your Adventure



We know that finding a comfortable, welcoming living environment is important, and our team is on hand to provide support. There are several accommodation options available: You may choose to live in student residences, find a shared apartment, or secure your own private apartment. Living in student dorms makes it easier to meet new people and may give you a more structured living environment, whereas living in private accommodation may benefit your focus and promote better study hygiene. Since the demand for accommodation is high, we recommend students start their search while waiting for final enrollment confirmation. We’ll be here to help!



EU is here to help you with practical advice and support as you prepare to begin your academic journey. We strongly recommend you contact the relevant embassy or consulate in your own country for the most up-to-date visa requirements and regulations. It is worth remembering that, because visas must be issued in your home country, you should allow at least three months for your request to be processed. You will find more information about visa applications for each country on our website. Please feel free to contact Admissions Services with any questions you might have about the process.


Cost of Living

Depending on where you choose to study and what accommodation you select, the cost of living will be different. Some cities, such as Munich, offer extensive student discounts on travel, food and other staples.

Not including these measures or factoring in individual lifestyles, the average minimum cost of living by city is as follows:

Barcelona- €1,000
Geneva- €2,500
Munich- €1,200



Whether your idea of a great time is relaxing on the beach, hitting the clubs, taking long bike trips, or visiting museums, our campuses are perfectly located for students to make the most of their study abroad experience. Each of our home cities is known for high standards of living and vibrant local culture, making them comfortable and exciting to explore. And you won’t be doing it alone—our multicultural student body means you’ll make lifelong friends from around the world on your adventures. Not sure what to do? Don’t worry. We arrange numerous events, outings and parties for our students throughout the year.

EU Experience

FAQs About Studying Abroad

At EU Business School, we don’t just help you find employment; we make you employable.

Our programs introduce students to the international business world through a diverse curriculum. Small class sizes provide a flexible and personalized approach, while our classes, taught in English, encourage students to communicate across borders. Case studies reaffirm our dynamic and interactive teaching methods for a hands-on business education that fosters entrepreneurial thinking.

Here are some of the reasons why students from all around the world choose EU:

  • Internationality. Our student body comprises more than 100 nationalities, with 98% of students speaking two or more languages.
  • Small class sizes. Greater interaction between students and faculty guarantees heightened academic achievement. 
  • English-taught classes. All our classes are fully taught in English, including assignments, lectures, exams, and dissertations.
  • Experiential learning. The case study method and a pragmatic approach are two of our most effective tools. 
  • Outstanding faculty. Our team is composed of highly qualified academics, entrepreneurs, consultants, and business leaders.
  • Ranked among the best. Programs within our network are consistently featured in the top tiers of global and European rankings. 
  • Build a business personality. We are committed to encouraging students to build the most valuable brand they can market: themselves. 

Fill out the application form here and follow the process. Feel free to reach out to Recruitment with any questions you might have!

Student visas are necessary for non-European Union citizens. On receipt of the final acceptance letter from EU, non-European Union applicants should apply for a student visa at the nearest embassy or consulate of the country where they wish to study. Please allow enough time to process your visa. We advise non-EU applicants to apply at least three months before the beginning of the academic semester. The admissions department will contact you to offer help with your student visa and to answer any other questions that you might have.

A range of accommodation options are available in each of our campus cities to suit different budgets and lifestyles; we believe that having a comfortable and inspirational living environment is an important part of any educational experience.

Before choosing where to live, you should think about whether you’d like to find a room in shared accommodation, a great option for anyone eager to make new friends or find a private apartment, the perfect choice if you prefer to have your own space. This decision might be influenced by whether you are already familiar with the city and if you speak the local language. It is also advisable to research the different areas of your chosen campus city, to decide which is best for you. Things to consider include access to outdoor spaces like parks, proximity to the shops and campus buildings, and how well the area is connected to the local transport network.

We have compiled accommodation information for each of our campus cities to help you find the perfect new home. Please contact the admissions department of your chosen campus for housing advice.

The validation of transfer credits from EU is dependent on the operating guidelines and standards of your home institution. Please contact the appropriate point of contact at your current school before applying.

During your first week at EU, we organize an orientation week filled with fun activities including a tour of the city, a welcome party, and a campus tour. Activities run throughout the year. For example, you can join football and basketball teams, attend guest speaker sessions, and visit top companies located near your campus for a privileged insight into how businesses really work. The student board also organizes special activities such as International Food Day, where students share the culinary delights from their countries.

If you wish to find out more about what you can do during your time at EU, contact your student counselor. He or she will be delighted to help you settle in and let you know all about the activities available to you.

Yes. At EU Business School we believe in experiential learning. All courses include opportunities to meet and hear from leaders who are experts in their fields, to gain industry insights and to build a professional network.

We also have a 30,000-strong alumni network located across the globe. Via the alumni hub, our alumni members actively help our students through mentoring, publishing career opportunities and providing connections with contacts in new markets. All students can become members.

As all our programs are delivered in English, students do not need to speak the local language for acceptance into any EU program. However, knowing a few key phrases will help you settle into your campus city. We recommend learning the local language, so you are better able to meet and converse with local people. Developing communication skills and building cross-cultural understanding is an asset for any aspiring businessperson. 

We are committed to keeping our students, faculty and staff safe at all times. In addition to standard emergency protocols, we have numerous COVID-specific safety measures in place. You can always check our COVID updates page for helpful links and city-specific advice.


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EU Business School continuously explores partnerships with world-class institutions in order to give our students the opportunity to participate in exchange programs. These enable students to obtain further qualifications from educational institutions across the globe. EU currently partners with over 85 institutions worldwide, and we're always looking to make new connections. If you’d like to discuss partnering your institution with EU, contact us at



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