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5 Reasons to Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business

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Business knowledge is in high demand. From innovative startups to established multinationals, companies are headhunting for talent not only well-versed in business theory, but with the practical experience to boot. That’s why getting a bachelor’s degree in business is a sure bet. You’ll be gaining in-demand skills and a broad knowledge base that prepares you for the professional world. 

Here are 5 reasons why studying a degree in business gives you a competitive advantage in this ever-evolving job market:

Transferrable Skills  

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in business are highly employable as they have the transferable skills necessary to hold a variety of positions. From managing projects to crunching numbers, business majors transition smoothly into any number of industries as they come equipped with critical thinking and leadership skills and a strategic mindset. This could very well lead to more career advancement opportunities down the line.  

Show Me the Money 

If you’re not yet reaping the benefits of launching your own startup, then you will be sufficiently compensated helping somebody else launch theirs. That is because according to a 2019 U.S. report on best job rankings, business salaries rank in the top twenty in areas like financial advising, marketing, sales and project managing. This is great news for business majors, especially those worrying about financial security and a stable position after disrobing their gowns and throwing their caps to the sky. 

Knowledge Value 

Business is more than just a firm handshake agreeing on the exchange of goods for money. At the core of it are numbers, statistics and formulas which determine whose hand you should be shaking and how much goods should be sold and for how much. Being able to analyze data could make or break a company and on a professional level, open or close doors. Problemsolving is also fine-tuned throughout studying business, allowing you to find clever ways to cut costs in order to increase profit margins.    

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If you want to become a ‘unicorn’ then make sure your pitch to ‘dragons’ is flawless. Bachelor programs in business teach you how to successfully sell your ideas anywhere and anytime. You’ll learn how to exude confidence and interpret non-verbal signs in body language and with writing, how to persuade your audience with effective reports and engaging proposals. Moreover, your management of stress will improve. By the time you graduate, you’ll have presented many times in front of small to large groups of business students offering well-defined and constructive feedback.   

Challenge Yourself  

If a challenge is what you’re looking for then look no further. Earning a degree in business dares you to see the world – and yourself – differently. By proving yourself through the many challenges during the program, you emerge a different person with the knowledge and experience to tackle old as well as new problems.                                                                                                                                                                  

At EU Business School, studying a bachelor’s degree in business is all this and so much more. We employ the case-study method in a multicultural and multilingual environment. Lecturers are not only highly qualified educators, but they also run successful businesses or consult companies. You learn every step of becoming an entrepreneur or business owner, from generating ideas and product launch all the way to raising capital. Our experiential mode of learning also includes company visits to global business giants and guest speakers who regularly visit our campuses to share insights on their specialization. And, our alumni association of 27,000+ also gives you access to an invaluable body of professional contacts to help you get ahead on your exciting career path.

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