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EU Alumni: Anne-Claire Vernède

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Recent Bachelor in Business Finance graduate, Anne-Claire Vernède studied her degree in Barcelona, where she also attended the Annual EU Careers Fair and met with an HR representative from Bloomberg:

“The careers fair gives you a wonderful opportunity to network and connect with companies. It allows you to understand what kind of candidates companies are looking for. I would strongly advise students to participate in the event as it can open a lot of doors. I would recommend students to listen to the presentations and ask questions. Speak to people and express your ambitions and strengths.”

Anne-Claire Vernède Bloomberg

Originally from the Netherlands, Vernède moved to London to begin working in analytics at Bloomberg directly after completing her studies at EU:

“Starting my professional career at Bloomberg has been a wonderful experience. I am surrounded by international and very talented colleagues. It is a very fast paced environment that pushes you to reach your goals.”

Making the transition from a business school to your first full-time job is always a stressful, yet necessary learning experience where you uncover a lot about yourself and your career goals:

“When you start a new job you really get to know your own weaknesses and strengths. A job will push you to work on your weaknesses and improve them. You learn how to use your strengths to progress through the rest of your career.”


Vernède explains why it’s important to gain practical experience during your studies through internships and other opportunities:

“Before working at Bloomberg I worked as an intern for different companies. An internship is a good opportunity to discover the business world. It allows you to learn how companies operate their daily business. My last piece of advice is to always be an active member of the school. Join a sports club, start your own project, or find a part-time job. This will introduce you to new people and ideas that can be helpful for your future career.”

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