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Studying Business Abroad: The Benefits of Barcelona

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Do you plan to study in a foreign country? Along with what you want to study, you should think carefully about where you want to study. Choosing the right school is an important decision that can have a huge impact on your overall educational experience.

In this article, you’ll be introduced to Barcelona, Spain, as a desirable destination for further education. Read on to discover why it’s so incredibly popular with foreign students and discover the different learning opportunities available.

Barcelona and Education: What You Need to Know

  • Barcelona is home to approximately 188,000 students. In 2014, 20,000 of them were international students, and this number is bound to have grown significantly since.
  • There are 39 universities in the city of Barcelona alone. Combined, they offer a range of 425 study programs.
  • To study in Barcelona, you must have your qualifications approved by the Ministry of Culture, Education, and Sport. Depending on your native language, you may also need to provide official translations of these documents to the Delegación del Gobierno in Barcelona.
  • If you are an EU, EEA, or Swiss national, you do not require a visa to study in Barcelona. All you have to do is register with the Central Office for Foreigners.
  • If you’re a non-EU citizen, you must apply for a student visa at a Spanish embassy.

Entrepreneurship in Barcelona

Barcelona is fast becoming known for its startup scene, attracting international students interested in the world of business. Some of the biggest names in the local startup scene include:

  • Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City: a startup that aims to promote and reinforce the city as a technology hub by connecting key actors.
  • Helena Torras, co-founder and CEO of B-Wom: a company that has developed an app to empower women through digital coaching.
  • Oscar Pierre, CEO and co-founder of Glovo: a popular delivery app.
  • Cecilia Tham, founder of coworking space MOB and FabCafe Barcelona, which combines a coffee shop with a digital fabrication lab.
  • Thomas Ohr, CEO of an online publication that focuses on startup-related news in Europe.

Studying business in Barcelona

The right institution for you will depend on your career goals, learning style, and personal interests. Barcelona has a range of educational institutions to choose from. Traditional universities coexist alongside modern, business-oriented learning centers such as EU Business School.

At EU Business School’s Barcelona campus, you can study internationally accredited bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA degrees. Because all courses are taught in English, this university attracts entrepreneurial students from around the world. The focus here is on small class sizes and experiential learning: providing intensive preparation to enter the world of business post-graduation.

EU Business School Courses

If you’re interested in joining Barcelona’s thriving entrepreneurial scene, here are just some of the courses that will prepare you to succeed in this innovative and competitive environment.

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

In this course, you can develop business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset. You’ll learn essential skills such as international negotiation and navigating global cultures alongside multinational organizations.

BA (Hons) in Business Management (Enterprise)

To become a business leader, you need a comprehensive understanding of how a company functions. This course is designed to provide that knowledge through the study of finance, marketing, data analysis, and social responsibility.

Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Having a great idea is one thing. Implementing it is another! Through studying this course, you’ll gain an understanding of what is required to start and sustain a new venture. It focuses on developing the creative thinking and executive skills you need to be an entrepreneur.

10 reasons to study in Barcelona

  1. A thriving international community.
    Because so many people travel to this city to study, you’ll find it easy to make friends from all over the world who are in the same situation as you.
  2. Opportunities for Spanish immersion.
    If you’re interested in learning Spanish, immersing yourself in a Spanish-speaking city is an effective method for improvement. There are many language centers here if you want to study more formally.
  3. A pleasant climate.
    In Barcelona, the weather is agreeable for most of the year. If you’re a sun-seeker, you’ll especially enjoy hot summers in the city.
  4. Proximity to the beach.
    The best of both worlds can be experienced in Barcelona. All the luxuries of a cosmopolitan city sit side-by-side with beautiful beaches.
  5. Sights to see.
    Barcelona is beloved by tourists, and it’s easy to see why! Spending an extended period here means that you’ll see more than just La Sagrada Familia. You’ll develop an in-depth understanding of the city and its quirks.
  6. Relatively low cost of living.
    Compared to other European cities, Barcelona is an affordable place to live well. That’s especially important when you’re on a student budget…
    Vibrant and varied nightlife.
    Whether you prefer a relaxed cocktail in an outdoor bar or to drink and dance in a sweaty club, Barcelona has something to offer you. It’s known as a party city, and this may be because of its substantial student population!
  7. Opportunities for further travel.
    Barcelona is well served by transportation, so if you want to explore more of Spain or even work your way around mainland Europe, the city makes an excellent base.
  8. An innovative, artsy culture.
    Business is booming in Barcelona, and it’s becoming well-known as a home of successful startups. It also has rich cultural offerings, so art-lovers will find plenty to interest them here.
  9. Excellent educational institutions.
    This is perhaps the most obvious reason! There are many prestigious and pioneering educational institutions based in Barcelona.

    One example is EU Business School, where students can build their acumen and learn from successful names in business through real-life scenarios and cutting-edge technology.

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