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Catching Up with EU Alumna Tatia

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Building a successful career in the finance industry takes both dedication and hard work. After looking at ways to complement her education, and to further her already successful career as an economic advisor to the Georgian government, Tatia Batsikadze chose to study an MBA at EU Business School. Since completing her MBA with a major in International Business at EU Business School’s vibrant Barcelona campus, Tatia has been working as a data strategy intern at the Dow Jones in Barcelona. We caught up with our alumna and asked her about her time at EU, how she adapted to life as an international student, and the wisdom she would share with students who are considering studying abroad.

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What did you do before deciding to study at EU?

I studied BA, Business and Management at a UK university. After graduating I moved back to my home country, Georgia, where I worked enthusiastically for the government of Georgia as an economic adviser for three years. Afterwards, I decided to explore further opportunities and moved to Barcelona to do my MBA at EU.

Why did you choose to study at EU?

I wanted my postgraduate studies to be strongly focused on international business approaches. I thought that EU Business School would be the best choice, because of the wide range of MBA courses on offer and the impressive number of international people in the school. I thought it would be a great multicultural experience for me, while focusing my studies specifically on international business and developing valuable global networks.

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What challenges have you encountered during your life and studies abroad, and how did you deal with them?

As an international student from Georgia, I faced several challenges at the beginning of my studies. A new cultural environment, language barriers and a huge amount of new information made my student life challenging every day. But effective time management and hard work helped me to overcome these obstacles and become a successful student.

Did you learn any life lessons that have helped you in your career?

The years I have spent studying have shown me that all goals are achievable with effective utilization of resources, no matter how difficult they seem at first. Also, studying in EU’s multicultural environment gave me the opportunity to meet new people with different backgrounds, which showed me the beauty of diversity in the world and its endless possibilities.

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What would be your advice for prospective students who are considering studying abroad?

Remember that it takes time and efforts to achieve results, particularly at the start of your studies. You should never stop pursuing your goals. Never give up, even if circumstances seem difficult or goals unachievable because there is no challenge that you cannot overcome by working hard and being determined. Always make new friends, socialise and try to enjoy every minute of your studies.

What words do you live by?

Dream big, work hard and stay focused!

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