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EU Alumni: Boris Bugarski

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Rising star Boris Bugarski has all the capabilities to be a success. The gifted computer scientist studied an Online MBA at EU Business School, majoring in leadership, and soon after joined Microsoft as a cloud solution architect.  The EU alumnus with the world at his feet spoke to us about the benefits of studying online, as well as the prestige that an MBA carries.

E-learning from leaders

Boris knew that an MBA was the key to opening doors in his career but he wanted to continue working full-time. The solution? EU’s Online MBA.

The EU Online MBA was ideal for me. The lecturers are always available and the student forums allow students to communicate and exchange ideas. There is also much more of an ability to focus when studying online. Campuses can have distractions, many of them good of course! But I found I could really concentrate when working online.

The online MBA is good if you are already a professional and you know your job well. You need experience. You also need to be flexible with working hours. During my studies I managed to work from home, in hotels and airplanes. You have to make sure you have an employer who is understanding.

EU on-campus weeks

As Boris explains, the social aspect is still very much taken into account when studying an Online MBA at EU.

The on-campus weeks allow online students to meet with each other. When we meet in person we can connect in a different way. This is a good balance and very important. The forums on their own probably wouldn’t be enough, but I think EU has the balance right by complementing them with on-campus weeks. It was great to meet people from all over the world, from the U.S. from India, from Russia. It was a very international group.

The benefits of an MBA and working for Microsoft

After graduation, Boris realized just how much prestige an MBA carried.

Microsoft value an MBA. The ability to communicate and the technical knowledge gained from studying an MBA gives you an advantage in the workplace. Your employers know you’re someone who has expertise and can be trusted to deliver results.

My work at Microsoft is varied, with many workstreams. In my line of work, I communicate with partners, who make up 90% of revenue for Microsoft worldwide. The work is always different and never repetitive, so it’s very exciting. Each time you are faced with new challenges. At Microsoft, as an employee you experience lots of trust and freedom to finish your job best as you can. Finally, we all contribute to make the world a better place.

Business 2.0

In the modern business era, where yesterday’s rules are rewritten and the future is uncertain, Boris is well aware that a forward-thinking approach is needed.

Previously, people sought leaders specific to one area. Now you need to be an all-rounder. You need to understand business models and how to digitize the production flow. The world is rapidly changing. Companies like Netflix have reinvented business models. Modern businesses need to understand how the new generation works.

True, the old generation has the knowledge and the know-how. But now fresh thinking is needed. We are competing on a global scale; everything is connected.

Boris in Bavaria

So, how does Boris keep a good work/life balance?

I like to spend my free time outside. You have to get out of the office. I like hiking and running, and in Munich there are many options for activities, with all the sporting opportunities, the lakes and the mountains. Munich is a wonderful city, with something for everyone.

Final thoughts on EU

With his star on the rise, how does Boris reflect on his time at EU, and what did the experience teach him?

EU Business School taught me to be accountable for the things I do. Also, to do things well without desperately trying to get credit, to grow up and take responsibility. Studying at EU gave me presentation skills, oral skills and communications skills, which have been hugely beneficial in my job.

You can suffer during your studies and it can be hard, but retrospectively you realize just how valuable it is. And you realize you made a great decision!

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